What Can You Do with a Political Science Degree?

Political science degrees can prepare you for a variety of careers in government, business, civil service, law, education and journalism. If you would like to engage in the study of American and international politics and gain valuable communication and analytical skills, earning a degree in political science may fit your interests. Schools offering Political Science degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Possible Careers With Political Science Degrees

A bachelor's degree in political science may prepare you for a variety of entry-level occupations, such as a paralegal, policy analyst, research assistant and market analyst. Graduate degrees in political science may prepare you for advanced careers in education and local, state and federal government. Some occupations may utilize the political and sociological study found in political science programs, while others may utilize the communication and analytical skills developed in a political science education.

Important Facts About Careers in Political Science

Median Salary (2014) $104,920 (for political scientists)
Required Education Master's degree
Job Outlook (2012-2022) 21% (for for political scientists)
Work Environment Office or classroom setting

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Political Scientist

If you're interested in a career in government or politics, a degree in political science can prepare you for a career as a political scientist. Advanced degrees may focus on public administration, public policy and international affairs, and you can expect to find career opportunities as a political consultant, research analyst or political campaign manager.

Civil Service

Both undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science can prepare you for careers in the public sector. A political science degree provides an excellent foundation for working as a government administrator, congressional staffer, customs officer, government analyst, immigration officer, Foreign Service officer or elective official.


A master's degree in political science prepares graduates to work in elementary, middle or secondary school education, teaching political science, international relations, history and social studies courses. These positions most often require an additional degree in education and teacher certification.

Postsecondary Teacher

Graduate degrees in political science can qualify you to teach political science and international affairs at the community college, college or university level. With a Ph.D. you can work as a college professor and contribute to the academic field with research and written publications.


While lawyers must earn a graduate law degree, many lawyers hold bachelor's degrees in political science. The reasoning, logic, writing and analytical skills honed while earning a bachelor's degree can prepare you for law school.


You may also be interested in a career in journalism. A political science background can provide a potential journalist with the written and communication skills needed to report and comment effectively on public affairs, both domestic and international.

Other Careers

A degree in political science can also be a good first step towards several other careers. Popular jobs for political science degree holders include:

  • Archivist
  • Campaign operative
  • City planner
  • Corporate analyst
  • Financial consultant
  • Lobbyist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Political activist
  • Freelance writer
  • Systems analyst

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