What Degree Levels Are Available in Leadership Management?

Leadership management degree programs prepare students to plan, direct, organize and control the procedures and functions within a company or organization. Topics include management theory, accounting, quantitative methods, organization, production, decision-making and marketing. Degrees in this field are available at the associate's through master's levels. Schools offering Business Management degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Leadership Management Overview

Because every type of organization requires effective leadership, a degree in this field may lead to a wide range of business opportunities in almost any industry. Professionals may pursue a leadership degree in order to strengthen their abilities and qualify for management positions. Leadership management degree programs may last from 2-4 years at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Important Facts About This Area of Study

Prerequisites Relevant work experience, leadership skills
Concentrations Consulting, corporate functional assignment, business development and sales, team leadership, high impact sales management, healthcare management, hospitality management, executive leadership, project leadership, project management
Online Availability Fully available
Continuing Education IBM General Management Leadership Development Program

Associate's Degree in Leadership Management

An associate's degree in leadership management puts individuals in a position to supervise and manage others. Students learn to decide the everyday priorities of an office, coordinate teams, meet goals and delegate projects. These degrees typically take two years to earn. The curriculum examines:

  • Oral and written communication
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Organizational behavior
  • Business communications
  • Employee management

Bachelor's Degree in Leadership Management

To advance basic leadership skills, baccalaureate students train in social and interpersonal skills to develop effective business relationships within a company or organization. Courses teach critical thinking skills, dispute resolution strategies and self-awareness. Most programs take four years to complete. Students study:

  • Collaboration
  • New media
  • Talent development
  • Social responsibility
  • Ethics

Master's Degree in Leadership Management

Master's degree programs prepare students to develop their own personal management style in order to build alliances, motivate teams and influence employees in the workplace. Students gain the confidence and knowledge to achieve high-ranking managerial positions and enhance the business skills of the personnel around them. Graduates can compete for high-salaried management positions and expect leadership longevity. The curriculum emphasizes:

  • Emerging leadership theories
  • Organizational innovation
  • Creativity
  • Change in complex business environments

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