What Product Management Degrees or Certificates Are Available?

Product management degrees and certificate programs are available at the undergraduate and graduate level. Read on to find out exactly what degree and certificate programs are offered in product management. Schools offering Marketing degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Product Manager Overview

Production managers often have undergraduate degrees in manufacturing technology, business or management, notes the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov). Larger factories may prefer production management candidates to possess related graduate degrees. While a college degree may not be required for someone with relevant experience, those with college degrees are often more viable candidates for promotions.

Important Facts about Product Management Education

Prerequisites Graduate degree programs may require a bachelor's degree in a specific discipline, such as engineering or business
Programs Certificate at the graduate level
Possible Careers Marketing consulting, product management, pharmaceutical marketing, brand management, retail sales, market research, entertainment, media and technology
Continuing Education Doctoral programs in business are ideal for aspiring product management college educators

Bachelor's Degree in Product Management

While production management bachelor's degrees aren't very common, some programs in the field are available. One example is offered by the Fashion Institute of Technology at the State University of New York, which focuses its production management bachelor's curriculum on preparing students for careers as production managers in fashion and related industries. Classes for this degree program often include:

  • Quality management
  • Manufacturing facilities management
  • Product costing
  • Strategy, policy and decision-making
  • Manufacturing equipment analysis
  • Manufacturing process analysis
  • Business communications strategies

Master's Degree in Product Management

Graduate programs in product management include a Master of Science in New Product Management, Master of Business Administration in New Product Management or Master of Product Development. A capstone or thesis project is typically required, and programs generally call for completion of 45 credits. Students learn about product development and general management topics, which may include:

  • Managing a design workforce
  • Creating and implementing new products
  • Using problem-solving strategies in new product development
  • Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Organizational management
  • Marketing management

Post-Master's Certificate in Product Management

Individuals with a master's degree may be interested in obtaining a certificate in product management, such as the Milwaukee School of Engineering's post-graduate certificate in new product management. The certificate course consists of two required topics and one elective in technological improvements, team building or knowledge development. General subject matter includes strategy, trend analysis, market research, project management and financial planning.

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