What Jobs Require an Associate Degree in Health Administration?

Those with associate's degrees in health administration can find entry-level positions in a variety of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, physicians' practices and mental health facilities. Read on for job positions needing an associate's degree in health administration. Schools offering Health Care Administration degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Overview of Health Administration Associate's Degrees

Associate's degree programs in health administration teach students valuable skills in communication, leadership and information technology. Those who complete these programs are qualified for several positions in the field of healthcare, detailed below.

Important Facts About Health Administration Associate Degree Programs

Common Courses May include topics such as medical terminology, healthcare office management or medical coding
Program Length Two years or fewer
Online Availability Many programs available online or with online components
Related Programs Associate degree programs in health information technology or health care management; bachelor's degree programs in health administration

Office Manager

Those with an associate's degree in health administration are qualified for office manager positions in physicians' offices, hospital departments, nursing homes and mental health facilities. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates a growing number of employers are seeking those with bachelor's degrees for these positions. Office managers coordinate the operation of a medical office, and they often supervise other staff, including receptionists and bookkeepers. They are responsible for maintaining accurate financial records and must have a good understanding of medical billing, scheduling systems and insurance regulations.

Health Information Coder

Also called medical record coders or health information technicians, health information coders usually hold an associate's degree in health administration. They code patients' medical information so that insurance companies will reimburse diagnoses and procedures; the codes assigned by the health information coders determine how much a physician's office, hospital department or other medical service provider will be reimbursed and how much a patient will have to pay.

Medical Secretary

A two-year degree in health administration can qualify you for a medical secretary position. Medical secretaries perform a wide variety of duties in physicians' offices, hospital departments and other medical offices. They may type correspondence, transcribe dictation, answer telephones, schedule appointments, order supplies and arrange for patients to be hospitalized. They are often familiar with laboratory and hospital procedures, insurance regulations and billing practices.

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