What Jobs Can You Get with an Associate Degree in General Studies?

Majoring in general studies may allow you to explore your interests while preparing you for entry-level work in office or business settings. Read about some job options for those with a 2-year degree in this field. Schools offering General Studies degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Career Options

With an associate degree in general studies, you may be prepared to enter a variety of fields like sales, clerical, banking or customer service. Most jobs you qualify for will be at the entry level for the career. Some jobs will require you to participate in additional on-the-job training. Job possibilities include administrative assistant, customer service representative and bank teller.

Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant performs routine clerical tasks for a business or nonprofit organization. Duties may include greeting visitors, answering phone calls and contributing to the efficient operation of the office. In fulfilling this position, you may also prepare or circulate memos or reports, arrange conference calls and committee meetings, make travel arrangements for company executives or visiting staff and coordinate agendas for your superiors. Tasks may also include receiving and routing incoming mail, maintaining office supplies, establishing and maintaining filing systems and operating office equipment such as computers, fax machines and copiers.

Salary and Career Outlook for Administrative Assistants

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists a mean yearly salary of $34,000 for administrative assistants as of May 2013. Secondary and elementary schools were the primary employer of these workers at that time, followed by postsecondary schools, but the postal service and central bank monetary authorities offered the highest salaries. Between 2012 and 2022, the administrative assistance field should see a 12% increase in employment, according to BLS projections (www.bls.gov).

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives provide information, assistance or problem resolution services to people who purchase a company's products or services. The nature of your exchanges may vary according to position, but you might work with people by phone, in person or via e-mail, so excellent listening, verbal and written communication skills are vital.

In some positions, you could assist customers with finding the right product in the store. Or you may work with customers by telephone, accepting orders, authorizing returns or exchanges of purchased items, answering product and service questions and canceling accounts. Some customer service representative jobs include preparing and submitting reports, handling billing matters and conferring with supervisors or colleagues to resolve customer service inquiries. You may also handle complaints or service issues, which you are to do your best to resolve while following company protocol and policies.

Salary and Career Outlook for Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives made an average of $33,370 annually in 2013, according to BLS statistics. Most of these workers earned between $19,640 and $50,570 per year at that time, the BLS states, and those employed in the District of Columbia, Massachusetts and California saw the highest wages. The BLS predicts that employment of customer service representatives will grow by 13% from 2012 to 2022.

Bank Teller

Bank tellers are customer service representatives specifically employed by banks. As a bank teller, you would regularly interact with customers in person and by phone and may assist them with routine tasks such as opening or closing accounts, submitting loan payments, withdrawing money, cashing checks and depositing cash. You must be knowledgeable about the financial services offered by the institution that employs you and be prepared to offer these services to customers as appropriate. Additionally, you might help customers with resolving account discrepancies. You may also be responsible for counting cash drawers at the end of a shift and properly receiving armored car deposits according to bank policies and procedures.

Salary and Career Outlook for Bank Tellers

According to BLS data, the average annual salary for bank tellers in 2013 was $26,260. Tellers who worked for state government agencies made the most at that time, earning an average wage of $40,770 per year. Connecticut and Alaska were the occupation's highest-paying states in 2013, while Iowa and Arkansas offered higher-than-average numbers of jobs in the field. The BLS expects minimal or no change in the number of bank teller jobs available between 2012 and 2022.

Associate's Degree in General Studies Defined

An Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree in general studies may prepare you for employment, as described above, or for continued study at the bachelor's degree level. General studies is a broad-based, flexible degree field that introduces you to a variety of different topics, such as business, social sciences, humanities, math, natural sciences, communication, English, computers and foreign languages.

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