What Skills Are Needed to Qualify for Jobs As an Office Clerk?

Office clerks must complete many different kinds of administrative tasks daily, and must have a wide skill set as well as the ability to adapt to daily changes in their responsibilities. Schools offering Office Management degrees can also be found in these popular choices.


Office clerks typically need communication, computer and general office skills. Keep reading to learn more about these abilities, as well as some advanced skills that might be required.

Important Facts About Office Clerks

Median pay The median yearly wage of all office clerks in 2014 was $28,670 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Job outlook The increase in employment of office clerks varies by industry, but overall employment will increase 6% between 2012-2022, a bit slower than most occupations. The best job prospects are expected in the healthcare industry.
Entry-Level Educations A minimum of a high school diploma is necessary.
Similar Occupations Customer Service Representatives, Receptionists, Secretaries, Administrative Assistants

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate both orally and in writing is a top skill required of office clerks. They greet visitors, confirm appointments and direct clients or vendors to the proper person or office. They also answer general questions and screen phone calls, filtering them to the appropriate party. Some office clerks also compose basic correspondence on behalf of their employers.

Computer Skills

Office clerks should be familiar with calendar and scheduling programs, as well as database, spreadsheet, word processing, e-mail and desktop publishing applications. They also need to be adept at data entry.

General Office Skills

Office clerks need a variety of general office skills, including the ability to file, make photocopies, post outgoing mail, sort and distribute incoming mail, sign for deliveries and send faxes. They also must be able to take detailed phone messages and keep accurate paper and electronic records. In some offices, clerks take dictation and transcribe notes, as well as keep track of office supplies and order new ones as necessary. Other duties of an office clerk might include arranging travel for other office workers.

Advanced Skills

In certain office settings, office clerks might take on more advanced or complicated tasks. In these instances, office clerks might need to be able to keep records for payroll, make out paychecks or take inventory. If they're being asked to supervise other employees, office clerks also might need some managerial skills.

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