What Subjects Are Covered in Online Business Law Classes?

Online business law courses may examine anything from intellectual property to sports law. This article looks at the most common subjects covered in a corporate law class that you might take for continuing education in business or as part of an online bachelor's degree program in business law. Schools offering Juris Doctor degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Business Law Subjects

The depth of topics covered in online business law classes depends on the type of course. Courses geared toward people who aren't business law majors may be less technical or specific than those earned as part of an online business law degree. The following five topics, however, are covered in many distance learning business law classes:

Business Organizations

This part of a business law curriculum looks at the laws that structure business partnerships, corporations and other business enterprises. In particular, you'll learn how corporations are organized and how they function within a legal framework.


Legal ethics focuses mostly on how ethical concerns will be raised in the practice of business law. You'll learn about the code of ethics that lawyers uphold and what rights and responsibilities a corporate attorney has when representing a company.

Tax Law

Tax law is a pretty broad category, and it can encompass a fair number of other disciplines. As it relates to business law, you'll learn about the criminal aspects of tax fraud as well as the tax law that governs corporations and business partnerships.

Contract Law

Contracts make up a fair amount of the commercial law that business lawyers practice. Business law classes that teach you about contract law will cover the statutes around creating, upholding and breaking or discharging contracts.

Tort Law

Tort law covers liability for grievances that aren't handled under contract law. In business law classes, your tort law studies will include the legal issues - like negligence, misrepresentation or defamation - that can expose a company to civil liability.

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