What Are Home Study Programs?

Home study programs are series of educational courses that students can complete without physically attending class. Most programs are delivered over the Internet. Read on to find out more about home study programs.

Home Study Program Types

Home study, also known as distance learning, programs are offered on a variety of topics and are geared towards individuals interested in achieving a specific career goal without attending school at a particular location. Some programs are designed for individuals already working in a specific field who wish to increase their knowledge and career potential without having to quit their current jobs to attend classes. Other programs are aimed at students who want to learn a new trade or enter a new career, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Program Length and Awards Granted

Programs vary in both length and in the level of award granted. Some programs are flexible in the length of time required for completion, allowing students to set their own pace. Home study certificate programs may consist of just a few courses and can be completed in less than a year. Students may also earn undergraduate and graduate degrees through some home study programs.

How Home Study Programs Work

Most home study programs are delivered via the Internet. Students are required to have Internet access to obtain course materials and participate in the program. Information might be disseminated through live video broadcasts, streaming video or text. Students might be required to complete assignments or exams online. Interaction with other students and with the instructor is done through email, live chats, discussion boards or instant messaging.

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