What Are Popular Careers in Theology?

Theology can lead to clergy positions as well as almost any career that is affiliated with religion. Continue reading to discover some of the popular career options in theology. Schools offering Ministry degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Careers in Theology

Clergy Members

Members of the clergy often prepare and deliver sermons along with providing spiritual guidance to parishioners. In addition to addressing a large group, you'll regularly interact with people in smaller groups or on an individual basis to provide them with spiritual information. You may be asked to conduct ceremonies like funerals or weddings, too. While all denominations don't necessarily require a bachelor's degree or any formal training, many prefer that a candidate has a master's or doctorate degree. A seminary or divinity school offers these advanced degrees.

Theology Teachers

You have two options as a theology teacher. You might choose to teach at private, religious elementary or secondary schools. Private schools don't require teaching certifications, though an undergraduate degree might help you gain employment. Another option is to work as a professor in a college or university's theology department. These positions require you to hold a graduate degree in theology.

Religious Writers

You might dedicate your career to religious writing. The career title of religious writer is typically used to refer to journalists involved in theology. You can work in newspapers, magazines or in other published areas that specialize in theological topics.

Overview of Theology

Theology is the study of religion and encompasses all types of religions. You might choose to study a specific religion, multiple religions or religion in general. Not only can you study the specific information within a religion, but you can also examine the nature of religious truths along with the influence religions have had on history.

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