What Are Popular Entry-Level Positions with a MBA?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate generally plans to advance to a senior management or company officer position. MBA applicants should have a few years of business experience behind them, as positions requiring an MBA usually also require five to ten years of experience. Some exceptions to this rule exist, and the true entry-level MBA positions are described in this article. Schools offering Business degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Popular Entry-Level Positions for an MBA Graduate

Even a job advertised as an entry-level MBA job usually calls for at least some business experience. Therefore, your MBA entry-level job will depend on where your experience lies. Here are some of the popular positions most likely to be open to a new MBA.

Sales and Marketing

Sales is a popular entry point for any business management career. Even if your entry-level position is on a sales floor, your MBA training will help you quickly advance to higher levels of management. Marketing skills are always in great demand, especially in the areas of e-commerce or cross-cultural international marketing. Other skills may be important, depending on the industry. For instance, IBM prefers to hire sales representatives with technical expertise and MBA's.

Consulting and Customer Relations

This entry point is similar to sales in that you represent the company to the customer, but here you are helping potential and current customers identify their needs and design solutions using your company's services or product line. IBM advertises this position without experience requirements.


JOBCentral National Labor Exchange, a labor exchange pool, has sought to fill valuations analyst positions with MBA graduates who have a half year or less of experience. A few companies prefer to train their own employees as long as their knowledge base is good; this is unusual, however.

With three to five years of experience and your MBA, you can move into a finance associate position with JP Morgan Chase. Finance associates are rotated through two to four postings in the company over 12-18 month periods. Top performers are retained as full-time finance team members.

Public Service

An MBA makes you more competitive for many entry-level positions in the government. You may find your place in purchasing, project management, supply chain management, management information systems or many other business functions.

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