What Are Some High Paying Careers in Graphic Design?

If you're interested in graphic design work, it is recommended that you earn a degree in order to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the field. Take a look below for information on graphic design, along with a high-paying career in the field. Schools offering Graphic Design degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

High-Paying Careers in Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, you will need to be able to meld art and technology in order to complete various kinds of projects. There are a few different careers in graphic design that offer reasonable salaries.

Important Facts about this Occupation

Graphic DesignerWeb Developer
Entry-Level EducationBachelor's degreeRequirements vary; most commonly an associate's degree
Key SkillsAnalysis, artistic, creativity, computer skills, good time management,communicationGood concentration, creativity, attention to detail, customer service
TrainingBuild a portfolio through class projects, internships, etc.Individual must become familiar and practice working with new and updated computer systems and languages.
Work EnvironmentFull time with varying schedule depending on deadlines; must be able to work independently or in teams Full time

Graphic Designers

As a graphic design professional, you will attempt to display messages or ideas visually; that is, through pictures and illustrations. You might make logos, brochures, signs or ads. It might also be possible to work on websites instead of printed products. Once qualified, you could seek employment with newspapers, journals, magazines and advertisement companies.

Web Developers

As a web developer, you will create websites and manage various aspects of their appearance, speed and performance. You might be responsible for writing code, utilizing programming languages such as XML or HTML, integrating audio, video and graphics and troubleshooting applications. Monitoring website traffic and working with other team members are other necessary duties. In some cases, you might work for a specific company or web design firm. In other scenarios, you might perform freelance work or work in a web design firm.

Salary Information

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that graphic designers had median incomes of $45,900 in May 2014 (www.bls.gov). Employment was expected to grow at a rate of 7% between 2012 and 2022.

The BLS reported in May 2014 that web developers had median salaries of $63,490. There were approximately 141,400 web developers in the work force that year and there were expected to be 169,900 workers by 2022. The occupation was expected to grow at a rate of 20% from 2012 through 2022. This was considered faster than average growth for all professions.

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