What Are Some Popular Careers in Internet Technology?

Internet technology covers careers that deal with computer networks and the web. Popular career titles in Internet technology include computer systems analyst, information technology (IT) specialist, programmer, and computer security specialist. Read on to learn more about each of these careers. Schools offering Computer Networking degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Computer Systems Analysts

Computer systems analysts help companies design their internal networks, organize their data, and maintain and update their hardware and software. They analyze a company's functions and determine the best ways to control the massive amounts of data that most companies rely on. Specific types of computer systems analysts include the system architects that organize software and the system designers that help create optimal software.

IT Specialists

IT specialists typically work for large companies and organizations, including school systems and the government. They are responsible for setting up computer systems and networks, such as local-area networks, wide-area networks, and Intranet systems. An IT specialist monitors the network in order to ensure it's functioning properly.


Internet technology includes careers in computer programming, particularly in areas such as systems and web programming. Systems programmers work with large networks of computers to maintain and control system software. They write software to facilitate communication between peripherals and computers. A web programmer writes web-based programs that help computers in different networks to communicate with each other. Web programmers typically work in Java.

Computer Security Specialists

Computer security is essential for any organization that deals with sensitive data. These specialists design systems and software to protect networked computers. They also monitor the computer network for any breaches in security, such as cyber attacks, viruses, trojans, data mining, and other types of cyber crime.

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