What Are Tips for Career Advancement?

Most of us relish the thought of getting a raise or a promotion, but the process of becoming eligible for such career advancements may seem daunting. Continue reading to discover some helpful tips for career advancement.

Tips for Career Advancement

Whether you have been in your current position for ten minutes or ten years, you might be thinking about climbing the corporate ladder. You can advance in your career by pursuing an advanced degree, developing personal and professional skills, or simply networking within your particular field. These tips for career advancement can be applied to almost any type of occupation.

Important Facts About Career Advancement

Degrees Master of Business Administration, Doctor of Philosophy or similar graduate degree
Professional Certification Voluntary professional certification is one way to stand out in the job market or enhance job prospects
Key Skills Being more open, friendly, communicative and personable; stand out and get noticed
Online Availability Various courses and programs are available online that can help with career advancement


Many employers require a candidate to hold an advanced degree before moving on to upper management or supervisory positions. Several colleges and universities offer these types of degree programs on a part-time basis. Taking classes during the evenings and weekends allows you to continue working as you further your education. Another educational option is obtaining a postgraduate certificate, which highlights additional specialized training in a chosen sub-field of a particular discipline.

Professional and Personal Skills

Career advancement may depend on your professional and personal abilities. Sharpen your professional skills by offering to take on more and different types of work within your organization. Work on your communication and interpersonal skills.


Getting to know other professionals in your field, both within and apart from your organization, can help with career advancement. Attending business luncheons, seminars, professional conferences and corporate events can put you in touch with those who might be able to provide new insight on your profession. The wider your professional circle, the more career advancement opportunities might come your way.

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