What Are Well-Known Colleges with Degrees in Home Inspection?

Earning a degree is the first step in starting a successful career in home inspection. Three well-known schools offering related degrees include Milwaukee Area Technical College, the College of Southern Nevada School of Advanced and Applied Technologies in Las Vegas and Riverside Community College-Norco Campus in California. Schools offering Home Inspection degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Home Inspection Degrees

Degrees, such as an Associate of Applied Science in Building Technology or an Associate of Science in Construction Technology, provide the basis for a career in home inspection. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employers prefer inspectors who have studied architecture and engineering and have taken courses in building inspection, home inspection, construction technology and other related areas. Many community and technical colleges offer two-year degrees in these areas.

Important Facts About This Field of Study

Prerequisites A high school diploma or GED
Online Availability While most home inspection courses take place in person, some core courses may be offered online
Possible Careers An Associate of Science in Construction Technology can also be used towards a career as a project manager, laborer or carpenter instead of for home inspection
Continuing Education Some schools offer students an opportunity to intern and gain field experience on the site

Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)

The Real Estate Associate in Applied Science degree at MATC offers a building inspection emphasis. The program is designed to help students develop an understanding of real estate transactions, property management and related areas. Studies address construction fundamentals, real estate law and sales. In addition to an introductory course in home inspection, students in the building inspection emphasis will take courses in:

  • HVAC for Inspectors
  • Residential Plumbing for Inspectors
  • Construction for Inspectors
  • Technical Writing for Home Inspectors
  • Residential Electrical for Inspectors

College of Southern Nevada School of Advanced and Applied Technologies

The School of Advanced and Applied Technologies at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas offers an Associate of Applied Science in Construction Technology with a construction management emphasis. Students are prepared for careers as inspectors by learning codes, procedures, material usage and inspector responsibilities. The program covers home inspection topics, such as:

  • Residential Codes
  • Building Codes
  • Construction Law
  • Printreading

Riverside Community College-Norco Campus

The Department of Business, Engineering and Information Technology at Riverside Community College's Norco, California, campus offers an Associate of Science in Construction Technology. Students learn site preparation, construction materials, construction techniques, building laws, regulations and management principles. Courses are offered in:

  • Blueprint Reading
  • Building, Electrical and Plumbing Code
  • Construction Materials
  • Analysis of Revisions to the Uniform Building Code

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