What Are the Courses in an Online Psychology Bachelor's Degree Program?

Online psychology bachelor's degree programs offer you a way to earn your degree and expand your knowledge from home. The core courses in these degree programs include instruction in organizational psychology, social psychology and developmental psychology. Read this article to learn more about the core courses in an online psychology bachelor's degree program. Schools offering Psychology degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Core Courses of Online Psychology Bachelor's Degree Programs

The core courses of an online bachelor's degree program in psychology are designed to give you a wide breadth of knowledge of the basics of the field. This may help you decide which area of psychology to focus on. The following are typical core course options in psychology bachelor's degree programs.

Important Facts About This Field of Study

Common Courses Research Methods, Human Behavior, Cognitive Psychology
Possible Careers Social worker, probation officer, caregiver, counselor
Concentrations Child & Adolescent Development, Mental Health, Applied Psychology
Degree Levels Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. available

Introduction to Psychology

This foundational course is designed to teach you the fundamental terms and concepts of psychology. It provides a broad overview of the discipline, including cognition, emotion, human development and psychological disorders.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

In this class, you'll learn that businesses and organizations, like individuals, have their own psychology that can be studied and influenced. You'll be introduced to the theories and research of organizational psychology, and you'll obtain the skills to apply what you've learned in the workplace. Topics include the psychology of hiring and management and how organizational decisions influence workers and consumers.

Developmental Psychology

This course will introduce you to the main theories regarding the development of the mind throughout the lifespan. Major topics include the development of cognition and emotion, as well as the biological and environmental factors influencing their development. Developmental psychology courses may focus on psychological development from infancy to adolescence to adulthood.

Social Psychology

Social psychology is the study of social behavior, such as group dynamics and interpersonal relationships. This course will also introduce you to the possibilities of applying psychological knowledge and research to social problems, such as violence, obesity and discrimination.

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