What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Psychologist's Assistant?

Requirements for this career vary and are often at the discretion of the hiring psychologist, although most education and training standards are similar across the country. Keep reading to learn more about becoming a psychologist's assistant. Schools offering Psychology degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Common Duties of a Psychologist's Assistant

Clinical psychologists' assistants help psychologists assess and treat patients. This can include administering and scoring psychological tests and assisting in patients' therapy. Experimental psychologists' assistants participate in the design and execution of psychological experiments.

Important Facts About Psychologist's Assistants

Average Salary (2016) $64,000
Key Skills Interpersonal communication, compassion, computer proficiency
Licensure Licensing and certification requirements vary by state
Similar Occupations Correctional program coordinator, youth facility assistant director, psychologist

Source: Indeed.com

General Hiring Requirements

Psychologists' assistants most often work with clinical psychologists in medical settings or with experimental psychologists, but some other types of psychologists also hire assistants. Psychologists usually look for people who have taken college classes in psychology and have experience working in psychological settings.

Education Requirements

Most psychologists find it beneficial to hire assistants who already have a solid background in psychological theories and treatment methods so they don't need to provide extensive training. Thus, aspiring psychologists' assistants should prepare to earn at least a master's degree. Since psychologists need master's degrees or doctorates, many people with bachelor's degrees in psychology choose to become psychologists' assistants to determine whether they want to continue their education.

Work Experience Requirements

Prior to being hired, clinical psychologists' assistants usually need to have an understanding of how to diagnose and treat a variety of mental and emotional issues. Additionally, knowledge of clerical and office management tasks is beneficial, since many psychologists' assistants perform some of these duties. Assistants who work with experimental psychologists should have a firm understanding of psychological research and design methods before looking for a job.

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