What Are the Requirements to Enroll in an Online Associate's Degree Program?

Before enrolling in an online associate's degree program, it is important to know what is required and when. Read on to find out some of the basic enrollment requirements for associate's degree programs.

Enrollment Overview

Online associate's degree programs have certain admissions requirements. Depending upon the school to which one is applying, the requirements may vary. You should become familiar not only with what is required for admission but the deadlines by which certain items must be submitted. The basic and most common requirements are listed below.

Important Facts About Enrolling in an Online Associate's Degree Program

Online Availability Some programs are fully online, while others require some in-person attendance
Degree Fields Accounting, business administration, medical assisting, paralegal studies, early childhood development, nursing, among others
Prerequisites Typically a high school diploma or equivalent
Continuing Education Credits could eventually be applied towards a bachelor's degree

Application For Admission

Nearly all post-secondary degree programs require students to complete an application for admission. This provides the school with relevant personal information about each candidate. The application may include one or more essay questions to help the college gain a better understanding of the applicant's background, experience, and goals. Most applications for admission can now be completed online and are relatively easy to navigate.

Internet Access

Because the courses in an online associate's degree program are completed online, students must have access to the Internet. Many students have Internet access at home. Others may choose to access the Internet at a public library or another place of business. It is important that these Internet connections are reliable because long service disruptions may cause a student to fall behind in his or her coursework.

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