What Is Information Systems?

Information systems is the study of networks and systems used to distribute information. Read this article to learn more about information systems. Schools offering Business Information Systems degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Information Systems Overview

Information systems is a rapidly growing field of study that encompasses business, computer science, and information technology. It is designed to bridge the gap between business and computer science, by incorporating business theories into computer system algorithms. This field includes careers in computer information systems, management of information systems, or information systems security.


Those who want to study information systems could pursue degrees at all levels. A professional certificate or an associate's degree in the discipline might lead to entry-level positions in technical support or programming. Graduates of relevant bachelor's degree programs might qualify for careers in project management or systems analysis. Many professionals with backgrounds in business management or information technology are able to boost their skills by studying for master's degrees. This can prepare them to pursue executive-level positions such as chief privacy officer or chief information officer. Related degree programs include but are not limited to:

  • Associate of Science in Information Sciences and Technology
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems
  • Master of Information Management and Systems


Computer Information Systems

Computer information specialists typically focus on the application of business technology. These professionals may fill roles in the areas of database management, technical support, networking, and communications.

Management Information Systems

Information systems professionals who specialize in management information systems might take on administrative roles within the information technology industry. A degree in management information systems could pave the way for careers in project management, e-commerce, management, and technology-department management.

Information Systems Security

Professionals who specialize in information systems security are in high demand in a number of areas. These could include finance and defense organizations such as banks or the Department of Homeland Security. Areas of employment in information systems security include network security, systems-security penetration testing, and systems analysis.

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