What Is Instructional Technology?

Instructional technology professionals strive to produce effective learning environments using the latest training technologies in both business and educational organizations. Read on to learn more about this field. Schools offering Instructional Design degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Overview of Instructional Technology

Instructional technology professionals seek to understand the way people learn in order to design tools and instructional systems tailored to specific learning styles, so that teachers can improve how efficiently they instruct their students. Responsibilities of instructional technology professionals include the following:

  • Using technology to develop teaching methods
  • Managing projects
  • Designing teaching methods around learning theories
  • Assessing human characteristics
  • Evaluating instructional programs

Important Facts About This Field

Degrees Instructional Technology Specialist Graduate Certificate, Master's in Instructional Design and Technology
Online Availability Both fully online and hybrid programs available
Common Courses Digital imaging, visual literacy, instructional computing design
Possible Careers Instructional coordinator, teacher, web designer

Types of Instructional Technology

Instructional technology encompasses not just computers but also television, movies, chalkboards and dry erase boards. Instructional technology professionals design educational tools like those listed below:

  • Audio and video tapes
  • Simulations
  • Web-based programs
  • Video games
  • Print materials

Instructional Technology in Business

Working in businesses, instructional technology professionals help train and develop employees to become more efficient by using technology. Positions for instructional technology professionals can include those listed below:

  • Education consultant
  • Developer
  • Training manager

Instructional Technology in Education

Instructional technology professionals can also work in educational institutions to assist teachers with their instructional programs. Support that instructional technology professionals provide can include the following:

  • Instruction in the use of computers in their classrooms
  • Design of technology for distance learners
  • Education of non-English speaking parents about school lessons and homework

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