What Is Required to Be an Elementary Art Teacher?

To become an elementary art teacher, one needs to earn a bachelor's degree and licensure to teach. Elementary art teachers generally earn a degree in art education and take student-teacher training, consisting of both classes and teaching experience. Read on to learn more about the requirements to become an elementary art teacher. Schools offering Teaching & Learning degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Education Requirements

To teach art at the elementary level, there are a number of degrees that one can earn. For example, some institutions offer a bachelor's program in art education, while others offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education or a Master of Arts in Art Education. The program is usually given jointly between a university department, such as the Art Department and the College of Education.

In this program, students may learn about supplies and technologies used in teaching art, art concepts, and art history. Students are encouraged to develop their own artistic abilities and perhaps concentrate in a particular area, such as painting or ceramics. They may take courses such as:

  • Culture and world art
  • Visual communication
  • Drawing
  • Design

Important Facts About Teaching Art

Median Wage (2014) $64,300 per year
Key Skills Creativity, patience, communication, resourcefulness
Work Environment Classroom setting
Similar Occupations Music and drama teaching

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Teacher Training

In a combined program, students generally apply to the College of Education to take their teacher training in their third or fourth year. Students take courses in lesson planning, teaching strategies and methods, teaching technology and curriculum, public education, and instructional strategies. Completion of the teacher education component, including classes and teaching experience, allows students to apply for licensure.


The exact licensure granted depends on the program. Some grant licensure to teach art in grades K-12, while others grant an elementary school teaching certificate with an endorsement in art. Specific requirements for licensure are also dependent upon state law. However, students generally complete a general education test, as well as a test in their specific field of study.

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