What Is a General Education Degree?

A general education degree program is an undergraduate course of study that has been designed to provide an education that is as broad as possible. Read below for more information about general education degrees. Schools offering Education degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

A General Education Degree - The Basics

Students unsure about which major to choose may pursue a bachelor's degree in general education. This degree program is meant to provide students with a strong, broad educational background in a variety of subject areas, including the humanities and science. This type of program prepares students for both a wide range of entry-level careers and graduate-level study in a specific field. Information regarding the general education degree curriculum is discussed below.

Important Facts About This Degree

Programs Humanities and Fine Arts, Physical and Life Sciences, Communications, Social Sciences and Mathematics
Prerequisites High school diploma or equivalent
Possible Careers Teachers, Principals, School Administrators
Continuing Education Students with a bachelor's degree are able to pursue a graduate degree.

Humanities and Fine Arts

Most general education degree programs require students to complete a number of courses in the humanities. Students may choose from course topics that include Western cultural values and European cities. Fine arts classes, including art history and art appreciation may also form part of this requirement.

Physical and Life Sciences

This required area allows general education students to choose from a variety of science-related coursework, including biology, chemistry, physics, basic anatomy, environmental biology and biochemistry. These courses should provide students with a strong foundation in areas related to the natural world.


The communications area of the general education degree includes both oral communication and writing courses. Students may choose to study topics like mass communication, creative writing, advertising and journalism. These courses provide students with important composition and communication skills that are valuable in a number of careers.

Social Sciences and Mathematics

Candidates in a general education degree program may also be required to take courses in social sciences and mathematics. A sample of such coursework is listed below:

  • Sociology
  • Gender and society
  • Adolescent psychology
  • Geometry
  • Applied statistics

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