What Is the Curriculum of an Online Associate Degree in Construction?

Online classes are an option for those who want to earn a construction degree but are unable to attend on-campus courses. The courses offered in an online program are similar to those offered in on-campus programs. Read on to find out what you'd study in online construction classes. Schools offering Construction Management degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Online Construction Associate's Degree Overview

With an online associate's degree in construction, individuals can apply for entry-level job positions in the construction industry. Graduates have skills like project management, estimating, surveying and quantitative techniques that allow them to work as managers, clerical workers, construction helpers and trade workers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov). Some of the courses in an online associate's degree program in construction include:

Construction Business Management

This course teaches students how to become business professionals in the construction industry. They learn the essential skills and knowledge of management practices in order to start their own contracting business. Students can learn about different business operations and how to stay ahead of the competition to have a successful business.

Construction Estimating

Estimates and bids are how construction companies and contractors get business. Students learn how to estimate costs and identify quantity practices for residential and light commercial projects.

Legal Aspects in Construction

Students learn the legal implications of licensing, contracts, specifications and their interpretations. The course focuses on laws and regulations, such as workers compensation, health and safety compliance, social security, liability laws, lien laws and federal laws.

Construction Surveying

This course provides students with the essential quantitative skills in theory and practice of measurements. Students can learn about traverse calculation and adjustment, boundary surveying, analysis and adjustment of errors.

Construction Project Management

This course focuses on the administration tasks of construction projects and how to manage projects productively. Students learn about material control, budget, production, time and contracts of construction projects.

Materials of Construction

This is a fundamentals course in which students learn about the various materials and methods used in the construction of structures. The course features an overview on heavy construction practices and commercial and residential construction projects.

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