Where Can I Find Cost Accounting Classes?

As businesses globalize, cost accounting, also known as managerial accounting, is an important tool for making sound business decisions. Future cost accountants can find many schools and universities that offer courses in this field of accounting, including Mississippi State University and Missouri State University. Schools offering Accounting degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Mississippi State University - Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy

Mississippi State University offers a Bachelor of Accountancy, a Master of Professional Accountancy and even an undergraduate accounting minor. The Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy provides academic credit for students' internships. The cost accounting courses offered at Mississippi State are:

  • Principles of Financial Accounting - Students will study financial accounting principles, such as accounting cycle, financial accounting systems, cash flow, assets, liabilities and types of business entities.
  • Principles of Managerial Accounting - This course focuses on managerial accounting theories, including the interpretation and use of management reports, cost behavior budgeting techniques, financial statement analysis and methods of responsibility accounting.
  • Cost Accounting - Here, you'll learn cost accounting concepts and methods as related to job order and continuous process industry; calculating unit costs; and creating cost reports.
  • Advanced Managerial Accounting - This class concentrates on the theoretical, conceptual and technical issues in operation planning, control and making decisions.

Missouri State University - School of Accountancy (SOA)

Missouri State University has been educating students for more than 100 years. Its nearly 21,000 students come from nearly every one of the 50 states and around the world. The School of Accountancy focuses on teaching, research and service and offers undergraduate and graduate programs in accounting. The accounting bachelor's degree program gives students a broad business background as well as a deep specialization in accounting. Listed below are Missouri State University's cost accounting courses:

  • Management Accounting - Students study the role of accounting in enhancing business management decision-making practices, including budgeting, accounting analysis and accounting control procedures.
  • Managerial Cost Accounting - You'll learn about the function and applications of cost accounting.
  • Managerial Cost Accounting II - This course covers a wide range of topics, such as activity-based costing, measurement and control of productivity and environmental cost management.
  • Advanced Cost Accounting - Investigate problems and contemporary challenges in cost accounting.

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