Where Can I Find Free Graphic Design Courses Online?

If you are pursuing a degree in graphic design, you may want to supplement your studies with free online courses. Even if you just want to learn to present visual information more effectively, plenty of free graphic design resources are available on the Web. Read on to learn more. Schools offering Graphic Design degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Find Free Courses in Graphic Design Fundamentals

Many websites offer free online and e-mail based courses dealing with the elements and principles of graphic design. Here are a couple of graphic design courses from About.com:

Free Instruction from Duke University

One unlikely place you will find free instruction in graphic design principles is the website of the Mathematics Department of Duke University:

Take Free Courses and Tutorials in Adobe Creative Suite

The Adobe Creative Suite has emerged as the single most utilized tool for graphic designers. Adobe offers plenty of instruction in the use of these programs, but most of it is available only for a fee. For those who wish to see what the Creative Suite is all about, the company offers sample courses, as well as free video tutorials of Creative Suite 4. (Note: The Adobe sample course requires registration.)

Since Photoshop has become so widely used, many other sites offer free tutorials. Some offer detailed step-by-step instruction on specific features of the program. Check out these sites for access to many free Photoshop tutorials:

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