Where Can I Find Good Examples of Resumes?

A good resume template can be a helpful tool for job applicants. Many employers rely on the resume to screen potential employees, especially for positions on the upper end of the salary and responsibility scale. This article highlights resources you can use to find quality resume templates.

Resume Templates in Books and Periodicals

Many different styles of resume templates are available in everything from supermarket checkout line books and periodicals to high priced textbooks offered in college and university courses. Traditional templates usually focus on a chronological approach to experience and education. Currently, examples encourage job applicants to show how their personal knowledge, skills and abilities fit specific job requirements.

Important Facts About Resumes

Formats Chronological, functional, combination
Software Applications Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word document
Professional Considerations Work experience, education, language skills,
Extracurricular/Elective Considerations Volunteer experience, personal interests, academic leadership opportunities (school club president, etc.)

Internet Examples of Resume Templates

A number of resume templates can be found by using an online search engine. It's important to use a template that is most likely to illustrate how your qualities will benefit an employer. If you use a resume template downloaded from an online source, be sure to make it personally accurate and applicable to your specific situation. Failing to personalize the resume will make it obvious that you've used a template, and a potential employer may see it as a negative.

Purchased Resume Templates

Some businesses are based on creating resumes for job hunters. The resulting resumes should be individually created, but they may begin with a template. The advantage of purchasing a high-quality resume is that it will provide a good basis for creating your own resumes in the future.

Resume Templates from a Career Planning Department

Career planning offices are often associated with colleges and universities. Trained staff are usually available to assist you in locating and using an effective resume template.

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