Where Can I Find Training Courses for a New Career?

When people decide to switch careers, they often must complete training courses before they can embark on their new venture. Continue reading to find out where you can find training courses for a new career.

Where to Look for Training Courses

Those seeking a new career can take training courses online or by attending on-campus classes. Training requirements vary depending on the career you choose but may include completion of a certificate or a degree program. Options for training courses include:

  • Distance learning
  • Technical colleges and institutes
  • Vocational or trade schools
  • Community colleges

Important Facts About Training Courses

Prerequisites High school diploma or equivalent; specific programs may require licensure or other skills relevant to the field
Common Courses Health care & medical, teaching & education, technology
Possible Careers Accounting clerk, child development associate, land surveying technician
Continuing Education Select programs count as continuing education for professionals looking to improve their resume and seek more senior positions in their field

Distance Learning

Many schools offer online or distance learning programs for individuals seeking a new career. Online training courses allow students to download applicable course materials. Some correspondence schools offer training courses through the mail. For these courses, books, supplements, CDs and other learning materials are shipped to a student's home following enrollment.

Technical Colleges and Institutes

Technical colleges and institutes are generally 2-year institutions that offer certificates or associate's degrees to prepare you to enter a specific career. Examples include emergency medical technician, radiologist, welder, automobile mechanic or chef.

Vocational or Trade Schools

Vocational or trade schools offer programs in a particular vocation, such as truck driving or bartending, that can be completed in a relatively short period of time, sometimes as little as two weeks. While many of the programs offered in vocational or trade schools require hands-on training, some might be taken online.

Community Colleges

For those not interested in pursuing a specific degree, many community colleges offer online and live training courses. Like technical colleges, community college programs can lead to a certificate or an associate's degree in a particular area of study. Most community college programs are offered through quarter- or semester-based curricula.

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