Where Can I Find a Career Assessment Test?

Career assessment tests provide valuable and resourceful insight for people trying to decide on a profession. You can find a variety of career assessment tests from several different sources. This article explains where to look.

Career Assessment Tests

People searching for a profession that fits their interests and skills often take career assessment tests. Despite the name, these 'tests' are designed to be a helpful tool for students and professionals. These tests can help them understand how their professional strengths and weaknesses influence potential career choices. The validity and reliability of the career assessment tests varies greatly, and those taking the tests should make sure their test of choice correctly matches the results to appropriate careers.

Important Facts About Career Tests

Employee Considerations Personality, interests, skills, physical capacities
Workplace Considerations Culture, environment,
Work Values Achievement, independence, recognition

Career Assessment Tests Online

There are a number of career assessment tests available for free online. The content of these tests covers a wide range. Look for online tests that are created by psychologists or career advisers that are meant to provide serious personal insight. Many of the career assessment tests presented online appeal to different demographic groups, such as young people or those seeking a mid-life career change.

Career Assessment Tests through Colleges' Career Centers

College career centers often use career assessment tests to help determine what types of work students and alumni are best suited for. College career centers typically make use of highly sophisticated tests meant to accurately reflect test takers' abilities and interests, rather than some of the less valid measures found online. Colleges also point out that these career assessment tools aren't actually 'tests', a term that implies right or wrong answers. Instead, a good assessment is intended to guide the taker's decision making.

Career Assessment Tests through Employers and Job Placement Agencies

Many large employers use career assessment tests to help them best utilize employees' skill sets. Likewise, many recruiters and job placement agencies use career assessment tests to find ideal employment for their clients. Employers and job placement companies figure that people whose skills accurately match those required by their jobs will be happier and more productive than those who aren't appropriately matched.

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