Where Can I Find an Anatomy and Physiology Course Online?

Many healthcare-related career programs, such as those for becoming a nurse or physician's assistant, require anatomy and physiology as prerequisites. You can find courses online through community colleges or distance and extension programs in four-year colleges and universities. Course delivery methods, fees and requirements vary from school to school. Schools offering Anatomy & Physiology degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Ocean County College

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Even though this anatomy and physiology course is online, you'll need to be able to do lab work at home. To help you accomplish this, you'll be supplied with a precise list of home-lab equipment you'll need. Prerequisites for this class include passing grades in at least high school chemistry and biology. Ocean County College recommends this course if you're a high school student looking for advanced study in college-level bio-sciences, if you have difficulty adjusting your work hours to meet classroom schedules and if you have strong time-management skills.

Oregon Institute of Technology

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Oregon Tech Online provides a three-course sequence in anatomy and physiology. These studies generally satisfy many allied health program requirements. Labs are included as interactive videos and material is presented through lectures and online drawings and images. The sequence, which consists of Anatomy and Physiology I - III, provides introductory and more advanced studies in body control and support systems, human movement and cell biology.

University of North Carolina Online

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This school, located in Chapel Hill, NC, offers a basic, bachelor's degree-level course in human anatomy and physiology. In order to take this course, you must be a student of the University of North Carolina and enrolled in either a degree or non-degree academic program. Credit can be transferred to degree programs at other universities.

University of California - Berkeley (U.C. Berkeley)

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The U.C. Berkeley Extension program offers online, introductory courses in anatomy and physiology. The course titles are 'Introduction to Human Physiology' and 'General Human Anatomy'. You'll have access to your instructor and fellow students through message boards and class chat rooms. While the program is considered self-paced, the school suggests that you count on one month of study time for each semester unit so your studies can stay current with the rest of your class.

This is a 3-unit course, so you should be able to complete it in three months; you have a maximum of six months to complete the course from the time of enrollment. The prerequisite for this course is a year of college or high school chemistry. At the end of the course, you'll sit for a proctored exam at a site which is approved by the school.

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