Which College Majors Include Courses in Law Enforcement?

Whether you want to be a police officer, criminal lawyer or homeland security specialist, you're likely going to take law enforcement courses as you pursue your college degree. Read on to find out about some college majors that offer courses in law enforcement. Schools offering Law Enforcement degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

College Majors Offering Law Enforcement Courses

Law enforcement courses are not offered exclusively to those who want to become a police officer. If you're seeking a career in criminal investigations, criminal law and police management or administration, you'll find that college majors relevant to your field offer law enforcement courses. Some college majors offering law enforcement courses are found in the following list:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Homeland Security
  • Computer Forensics

Criminal Justice

A large portion of the core curriculum for criminal justice programs is the study and enforcement of criminal law. Some law enforcement course topics covered in many criminal justice degree programs include criminal procedure, law enforcement operations, law enforcement systems, community policing, corrections systems and police administration.

Homeland Security

Homeland security majors are provided with a variety of law enforcement courses to prepare them for several different career paths in this field. Courses on law enforcement operations, law enforcement administration, American law enforcement and security management are typically offered to homeland security majors. Some courses offered in these programs concentrate on specific types of crimes, such as white collar crimes, terrorism and cyber terrorism.

Computer Forensics

Those majoring in computer forensics will find several law enforcement courses included in the curriculum. Law enforcement courses typically found in this program deal with criminal investigation, criminal law, criminal justice, crime scene investigation and criminal evidence and procedure.

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