Which Colleges Offer Wildlife Management Degree Programs Online?

While you probably won't find a wildlife management degree program online, there are other distance learning options available to you. Keep reading to find out how related environmental and wildlife science programs could teach you how to ensure the health of pacific salmon or maintain grazing lands for wild antelope and deer. Schools offering Environmental & Social Sustainability degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Colleges Offering Online Degree Programs in Wildlife Management

Wildlife science is a field of study concerned with wild animals and the conservation of their natural habitats. Although online degree programs in wildlife management are not currently available online, there are online programs in the related areas of environmental management, environmental science, fisheries science, wildlife science and ecosystem science.

Associate's Degrees

Drury University offers an associate's degree program in environmental management that includes some online courses. You'll take courses in biology and ecology. You'll also learn how to control pollution and conserve resources according to guidelines set forth by environmental law.

The University of Alaska Southeast's online associate's degree program in fisheries technology covers similar topics in oceanography and limnology, or the study of lakes, rivers and streams. Topics of discussion also include habitat protection and methods for rearing pacific salmon.

Bachelor's Degrees

Oregon State University (OSU) offers an online fisheries and wildlife bachelor's degree program that includes coursework in wildlife behavior and conservation. Elective courses allow you to focus on a particular ecosystem or species. A lab biology course is the only on-campus requirement.

OSU also offers an environmental sciences bachelor's degree program that focuses on resource management. Online coursework includes topics in environmental ethics and environmental systems. Students must also complete on-campus lab science courses and an internship.

Graduate Degrees

There are a few more online options at the graduate level. Texas A&M University offers an online Master of Wildlife Science program to professionals who want to update their job skills. A similar Master of Natural Resources program is available at Oregon State University.

Colorado State University has master's degree options in agricultural studies. You'll study grassland ecology, rangeland life cycles and wildlife habitats. These graduate programs can be completed online, though internships are required.

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