Which Courses Are Required for a Degree in Digital Design?

Taking courses towards a digital design degree can help students prepare for a successful career in any number of industries. Digital designers may work as art directors, web designers, video artists or Flash artists. Schools offering Digital Design degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Required Courses for a Degree in Digital Design

Digital design comes in many forms. The most well-known field is graphic design. Digital designers are needed in a variety of industries, including video, television, information technology, advertising and manufacturing. Coursework in all digital design programs provides the fundamentals to work in these industries.

Important Facts About This Field Of Study

Prerequisites High school diploma or equivalent
Online Availability Fully
Degree Field Fine arts
Possible Careers Graphic designer, artist

Digital Medium

The core of digital design is graphics. Being a competent digital designer requires knowledge and training in a number of graphics software and applications. Students taking courses towards a digital design degree are required to takes classes in Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop. Most degree programs also include core courses in web design programming and Internet applications.

Students also need courses to train in a variety of digital mediums. These courses include 2D and 3D animation, digital photography and video editing. Some common course titles include:

  • Introduction to Digital Design
  • Interactive Media
  • Motion Design
  • Designing for Web Development
  • Typography

Beyond Technology

An essential characteristic of successful digital designers lies in understanding the field beyond technology, which involves studying the history of art in general, the nature of aesthetic appeal and business concepts. Digital design requires effective communication skills and the ability to plan and execute a project. Thus, writing and production classes are required. In addition, students are expected to enhance their art and media knowledge while developing critical thinking skills. Your curriculum will likely include such course titles as:

  • History of Design
  • Media and Aesthetics
  • Communicating Through Design
  • Design Business Preparation

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