Which Online Schools Offer Courses in Dairy Farming?

Some schools offer dairy farming education through distance learning. Read about online and other distance learning courses in dairy farm and herd management, breeding, reproduction and raising dairy calves, as well as other topics. Schools offering Animal Care degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Overview of Distance Learning Programs in Dairy Farming

No regionally accredited schools offer degree programs in dairy farming. However, land-grant state universities often offer online or distance learning educational resources for dairy farmers through their extension service. Whether they provide farm visits, written materials, on-campus or distance education courses, the schools often see providing training and education to dairy managers as an important part of their role.

Schools Offering Online Courses in Dairy Farming

Pennsylvania State University

Penn State's Dairy Alliance offers online training that is focused on improving dairy farm personnel teamwork to maximize efficiency and profits. The university notes that measurable increases in productivity and profitability have resulted from taking this approach to dairy farming. Teams may take this course free of charge.

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota offers an 8-week online course to raise proficiency and get maximum benefits from DairyCOMP305. This DairyCOMP software course is geared primarily toward dairy farmers and veterinarians.

Missouri State Online

Dairy production is the subject of an online course offered at Missouri State Online. Course subjects include bovine health, maximizing efficiency through organization, building design and equipment, economical feeding practices, breeding and herd replacement.

Schools Offering Distance Learning Certificate in Dairy Farming

University of Illinois

The University of Illinois offers a 6-course certificate program, covering advanced dairy management, nutrition and forages, the physiology of milk secretion, genetics, reproduction and raising bovines from calf to mature dairy cow. These courses are presented through Internet lectures and CD-ROM-based study. Graduates earn a Certificate of Professional Study in Dairy Science.

Purdue University

Purdue University offers a short certification course on milking. Covering the biology of milk production, sanitation, milking parlors and procedures as well as preventing antibiotic residues in milk, the course is offered in English or Spanish. Unlike most of the courses above, which are aimed at the owners or managers of dairy operations, this certification is intended for milkers.

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