Which Schools Offer Dental X-Ray Courses?

Dental x-ray courses are offered as part of both dental assistant and dental hygienist programs. Read on to learn about schools that offer dental x-ray courses. Schools offering Dental Technician degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Dental X-Ray Courses

Pima Medical Institute, Quinsigamond Community College, Davis Applied Technical College, Bergen Community College, Manor College and Austin Community College are among the institutions with dental assisting or hygiene programs that feature X-Ray courses.

Important Facts About Dental X-ray Education Programs

Degree LevelAssociates; bachelor's and master's programs are available for dental hygiene
PrerequisitesCourse units in human anatomy, physiology, English composition, nutrition, microbiology
Online AvailabilitySome programs are available online
Continuing EducationSeveral post-graduate licensure exams such as National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE) and American Dental Hygiene Licensing Examination (ADHLEX)

Pima Medical Institute

The dental assistant certificate program at Pima Medical Institute, with locations in several states, takes five semesters to complete. You'll learn the basics of patient care, dental instrument sterilization, office administration and equipment usage. The dental radiology course will teach you to position patients and their mouths correctly to take a high quality x-ray image.

Quinsigamond Community College

Located in Worchester, Massachusetts, Quinsigamond Community College offers a 3-semester dental assistant certificate program that includes applications on patient care, impression casting, surgical procedures and basic office procedures. The curriculum also includes a number of laboratory practicums, where classroom learning is turned into work experience.

The dental radiology course introduces you to the history of radiology and relevant safety issues, and you learn how to control the x-ray beam. To prepare you for clinical x-ray experience, the course also explores how to interpret x-rays.

Davis Applied Technical College

Located in Kaysville, Utah, Davis Applied Technical College's dental assisting certificate program takes a full-time student 13 months to complete. Like other programs, the courses focus heavily on patient care, office work, instrumentation and dental applications. The dental radiology course teaches you about procedures related to safety and x-ray development and gives you an understanding of intra-oral and extra-oral radiology. You'll be given opportunities to show your competency at all of these procedures.

Bergen Community College

Located in northern New Jersey, Bergen Community College's dental hygiene associate's program is full-time and lasts four semesters. Introductory courses include dental/oral physiology, periodontology and microbiology. The dental radiology course focuses on imaging techniques, processing procedures and radiographic interpretation. The course also gives you an overview of quality assurance, protection and risk management.

Manor College

From its campus in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Manor College offers an associate's degree program in dental hygiene. You'll be taught methods for assessing dental issues, removing plaque from teeth, applying protective agents, performing periodontal therapy, polishing fillings and removing dental sutures. The radiology course emphasizes physics and biology while teaching you the basic functions of dental x-ray equipment. You'll be taught to take x-rays correctly to ensure quality. You'll be trained on mannequins before demonstrating your competency in a clinical setting.

Austin Community College

The AAS program at this Texas school begins with a number of prerequisite courses in human anatomy, physiology, microbiology and chemistry. Dental radiology is introduced early in the program. The program begins with mannequin training and continues with student-partner experiences.

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