Which Schools Offer Online AutoCAD Certification Courses?

Individuals seeking certification in AutoCAD can find preparatory training courses online through various schools' continuing education programs. To receive certification, you must complete an authorized exam approved by Autodesk, the developers of AutoCAD. Read on to find online courses that prime students for this exam. Schools offering AutoCAD Drafting & Design Technology degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Online AutoCAD Certification Preparation Overview

If you enjoy using the computer and are interested in computer-aided design, you might consider a certification preparation program in AutoCAD. Many schools, such as West Virginia University, the University of North Dakota and Louisiana State University, offer online certification preparation programs. Programs can typically be completed in under a year and are self-paced.

West Virginia University AutoCAD Online Certification Course

This course aims at fully readying students for the AutoCAD certification exam. You'll explore essential techniques used in computer-aided design (CAD), including dimensioning, building templates and working with layers. This course requires 150 hours and is offered on a non-credit basis. You'll need a computer with high-speed Internet access. Coursework begins with entry-level drawing and editing commands and continues to include advanced layouts and text objects. Some of the essential concepts and skills to be covered in your training are:

  • Creating complex objects
  • Using annotation in drawings
  • Layouts and plotting
  • Customization of drawings

University of North Dakota Online AutoCAD Course

If you're planning on taking the AutoCAD certification exam, you can also consider the University of North Dakota (UND). Through UND's AutoCAD exam preparation courses, you can work through assignments that develop specific AutoCAD techniques. These techniques begin with simple tools used for layering, adding text and editing. Once you've developed proficiency in these areas, you'll move on to hone more advanced skills, such as plotting, using dynamic blocks and working with keyboard shortcuts. Other advanced skills this course develops include:

  • Using advanced layouts
  • Publishing
  • Using blocks with attributes

Louisiana State University

You can prepare to earn a nationally recognized certification from Louisiana State University in AutoCAD 2011. Examples and practice exercises are used to introduce theories and skills of 2-dimensional computer-aided design. Some of the techniques you'll work to master include the following:

  • Drawing objects
  • Setting up a layout
  • Making changes in a drawing
  • Basic editing and drawing commands

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