Which Schools Offer a Speech and Language Pathology Degree Online?

When you look for an online degree program in speech and language pathology, keep in mind that many programs will generally need you to be physically present for some of your studies, often for the summer months. In addition, the majority of programs available online are master's degrees. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect from online speech and language pathology degree programs. Schools offering Bilingual and Multicultural Education degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Degrees in Speech and Language Pathology

Speech and language pathologists diagnose and treat patients who have communication, language and swallowing disorders. These professionals are required to have a master's degree and licensure, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, although a bachelor's degree in the field can prepare graduates to become assistants to speech-language pathologists.

Most degree programs in speech and language pathology contain hands-on, supervised components, which makes online programs in the field very rare. Those schools that do provide online, graduate programs in speech and language pathology still require students to make some on-campus visits or complete residency requirements. Some of these schools are described below.

Important Facts about Online Speech and Language Pathology Degree Programs

Common Careers Audiologist, speech-language pathologist
Online Availability Blended
Programs Pre-professional
Degree Levels Master's
Prerequisites (minimum grade required) Normal Language Development, Anatomy & Physiology of Speech & Hearing Mechanisms, Phonetics & Phonology, Articulation & Language Disorders, Introduction to Audiology

Idaho State University

Idaho State University offers an online Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology. The prerequisite for this program is a bachelor's degree in communication science. Exceptions may be made if your bachelor's degree is in another field, but you may be required to take additional courses to meet entrance requirements. If you choose this program, you'll have to attend clinics on campus during the first two summers for 6-8 weeks.

Nova Southeastern University

Nova's online Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology program is designed with the goal of preparing you for a Florida State license. Although it is preferred that you enter the program with a bachelor's degree in a related field, courses are offered to help you gain the required credits if your degree is in another area.

You'll have two options in the format of your program. The first option is self-paced individual study, and the second option is working in a small group. The clinical studies portion of the program must be completed in person, but the school will find a clinical studies program close to where you are located.

University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming's Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology online program requires clinical internships or externships, which are completed in two 12-week sessions. One session is on campus, and the other is in a clinical setting. A bachelor's degree in communication disorders is preferred for admission to this program. If you're entering with a bachelor's degree in another discipline, you may have to take additional courses before you're admitted.

Hampton University, James Madison University and Longwood University

If you live or work in Virginia, you may qualify for the state program offered on the campuses of Hampton University, James Madison University and Longwood University. This online master's degree program is for those who are currently employed in the Virginia public school system. Openings are available if you're affiliated with another state's school, but Virginia school professionals are given preference.

Each university has its own on-campus attendance requirements, and most of them will require you to attend a clinical practicum in your first summer. You'll need to apply for admission about a year in advance. The program relies heavily on state budget allowances for funding and may not be offered every year.

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