Which Schools Offer an Online College Algebra Class?

Online algebra courses might best serve the needs of those who want to brush up on their math skills or who want pursue college-level courses but conflicting work and family schedules make traditional classroom study impractical. There are now many universities and colleges offering online algebra courses for students with busy schedules or who live far away from campuses. This article discusses those schools and courses. Schools offering Mathematics degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Arizona State University (ASU)

ASU offers an online undergraduate algebra course for students who are interested in receiving college credit. This course has prerequisite educational requirements, and you must pay a fee for enrollment. You're required to have a graphing calculator for this class. The three tests and final examination must be taken at the mathematics department's testing center, which is located at the school.

Before taking the college algebra course, you should have knowledge of basic algebra. This includes factors, equations and exponents. The school measures your qualifications by reviewing your Math Placement Test scores. You could also show proof of the successful completion of an ASU intermediate math course.

University of Wisconsin (UWC)

UWC's introductory course in algebra is offered online for college credit. You must have successfully completed high school algebra and one geometry course or scored sufficiently on a math placement exam in order to enroll. Additionally, this course requires a fee to register. Although the course is presented fully-online, exams must be taken at the UWC campus or under the supervision of a professional who meets UWC's qualifications.

Along with computer and Internet capabilities, you'll also need specific software, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word's Equation Editor/Math Type and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Discussions with classmates and instructors generally take place online and contribute to your overall grade. Homework assignments, projects and quizzes are part of the course and must be completed on time.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT offers free courses to the public, which are actual university courses that were offered in previous academic terms. You won't get credit or grades for taking these courses, and you can take them at your own pace. Several undergraduate and graduate-level algebra courses are provided by the school's OpenCourseWare project. It covers such topics as linear algebra, algebraic geometry, vector spaces, factorization, polynomial forms and number theory.

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