Which Well-Known U.S. Schools Offer Sports Medicine Degrees?

Sports medicine is a relatively new academic discipline that can serve as the foundation for a number of careers. This article examines a couple of the well-known U.S. schools that offer sports medicine degrees. Read on for further details. Schools offering Education - Sports Management degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

A Degree in Sports Medicine

A sports medicine degree program focuses on the application of the medical sciences to exercise and athletics. Students who are enrolled in such degree programs have opportunities to study the human body and its ability to achieve optimum health and performance. Programs generally require students to complete both general education and sports medicine coursework. The core coursework is often a combination of classroom and practical instruction. Below is information regarding two well-known U.S. schools that offer sports medicine programs.

Seaver College at Pepperdine University

Seaver College offers programs leading to either a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in sports medicine. These programs aim to provide students with a broad foundation in the exercise sciences and prepare them for a career or further study in the field. Students are required to complete a number of major-related courses in areas such as exercise physiology, human biomechanics, and musculoskeletal anatomy. They are also encouraged to publish original research in the field. The school offers sports medicine majors the opportunity to spend a semester studying at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

John Brown University

The Department of Kinesiology at John Brown University has a program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine degree. The program is designed to offer students practical, hands-on wellness experience and to prepare graduates for various careers. Enrollees study subjects that include biomechanics and athletic training techniques. Besides general education requirements, students must complete 72 hours of core coursework. The school's Pre-Health Professions Program helps prepare sports medicine students for entrance examinations to medical schools and other related graduate programs.

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