Why Should I Take a Career Aptitude Test?

Get helpful information on how career aptitude tests can assess your skills, interests and personality traits to determine which occupations or educational programs are best suited for you. Learn how you can use the results of these tests.

Purpose of Taking Career Aptitude Tests

Many people take career aptitude tests to learn about career options and to assess their skills and interests for career-matching purposes. Properly designed tests help to recognize personality traits and show careers that may require those traits. Career aptitude tests may measure other abilities, such as physical dexterity or mathematical reasoning. The results of the test can confirm what you already know about yourself, or they may provide new information to guide you in your choice of a career or education.

Career Matches

For those who are trying to decide on a career option that will provide maximum enjoyment, a career aptitude test provides a helpful tool. Test results help to define personality traits, but they also describe how various traits apply to specific fields. Aptitude tests can be used to help a career guidance counselor to direct individuals toward a suitable profession. Many of the tests are designed to provide individual results and broad information about various careers that are a match to a particular grouping of abilities and skills.

Educational Matches

A career aptitude test could also help you decide which type of postsecondary training to pursue. For example, learning you're well-suited to mechanical or industrial engineering could lead you to earn a bachelor's degree in one of those fields. Similarly, a strong match for sales or marketing career fields could lead towards a bachelor's program in business administration.

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