Masters - Curriculum & Instruction: The Inclusive Classroom (SPED)

If you're a general education teacher who would like to make a larger contribution in the area of inclusion education as it relates to special education, you can enroll in a program such as Concordia University Portland's online Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. Among others, the program offers The Inclusive Classroom (SPED) concentration. Read on for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

The Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction in The Inclusive Classroom (SPED) online program helps prepare teachers to effectively educate students with various special needs in a general education classroom atmosphere. The Concordia University Portland program explores the ways in which children with special needs are accommodated as they are educated. You'll have the opportunity to learn to work effectively with a diverse student body. You can also examine differentiated instructional methods for your pupils, who may be gifted students, English for Speakers of Other Languages (E.S.O.L.) learners, or students with disabilities. This is a one-year program which can be completed online.

What Are the Prerequisites?

This course of study was designed for teaching professionals who want to expand their knowledge in the area of special education. You should have an interest in refining instructional delivery methods as well as making improvements to special education curriculum-development practices. A bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA of 2.8 is required. All applicants to Concordia University Portland programs must have earned a high school diploma or equivalent. In addition, applicants must submit two recommendation letters, a letter of intent, and a resume.

What Are the Course Requirements?

Your program curriculum will encompass core subjects, Inclusive Classroom (SPED) courses, and capstone topics. They are as follows:

Professional Core Requirements

Course Code Course Name
EDGR 502 Developing Character through the Curriculum
EDGR 535 Theories of Teaching and Learning
EDGR 595 Community of Learners
EDGR 601 Educational Research
EDGR 602 Contemporary Educational Thought

Personalized Inclusive Classroom (SPED) Strand

Course Code Course Name
EDCI 528 Foundation Concepts for Inclusive Teaching
EDCI 548 The Inclusive Classroom: Instructional Strategies and Interventions
EDCI 549 Effective Classroom Management Strategies
EDCI 545 Principles of Collaboration and Partnerships
EDGR 698 Action Research - Capstone

What Could I Do After Graduation?

Career Opportunities

Your M.Ed. credential might assist you in applying your advanced special education teaching skills and making a difference in a variety of academic environments, including public or private elementary or secondary schools. You could apply for career opportunities such as:

  • Special education teacher
  • Special education consultant
  • Inclusive education specialist