Animation FAQs

2D Animation Courses and Certificate Programs

Learn what certificate programs include courses in 2D animation and what topics these classes cover. Research important considerations for choosing a program and the career outlook for animators.

3D Animation Majors

Majoring in 3D animation can prepare you for work in industries ranging from entertainment to engineering and medical imaging. Read on to learn about the program curriculum, common coursework, if this degree is available online, and possible...

3D Animation Technician: Career and Salary Facts

Explore the career requirements for 3D animation technicians. Get the facts about salary, job duties, degree requirements and job outlook to determine if this is the right career for you.

Animation Artist: Career and Salary Facts

Animation artists work on advertisements, films, websites and other forms of media. Read on for information on job duties, degree programs and salary potential for animators.

Animation Degrees and Schools

A career in animation lets you combine traditional drawing skills with the latest in computer animation. Continue reading to learn about the different degrees offered and what you will learn in an animation degree program.

Animation Degrees: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Get information on the types of animation degrees that are available, including online and campus-based programs. See what you'll study, and explore the job growth and salary projections for animators and media artists.

Animation PhD

Because Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Animation programs are not available, finding a master's degree program or certificate program either on-campus or online will be your best option. Learn what a master's degree program and certificate...

Bachelor's Degrees in Visual Effects: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Find out the classes commonly required in a visual effects bachelor's program as well as whether these classes are available online. Get information about career options in the field.

Best Animation Graduate Schools

Find out what to look for in a graduate animation program. Review three top schools with programs in this field, chosen based on their national and international rankings. Explore the graduate animation degrees you could pursue at each school.

Best Computer Animation Schools

Read about important considerations for choosing a school with a strong computer animation program. Review the computer animation programs at three nationally ranked schools, and find out what degrees they offer.

Careers in Animation

Explore the career requirements for animators. Get the facts about degree programs, job duties, necessary skills and salary information to determine if this is the right career for you.

Careers in Special Effects

Special effects professionals work behind the scenes of a movie, television show or video game creating animated characters, juxtaposed action and optical illusions. Read on to learn more about common special effects job duties, training...

Cartoon Animation Colleges and Degrees

Read about the skills taught in an associate's, bachelor's or master's program in animation. Find out what to look for in a college and what coursework is available that's relevant to cartooning.

Cartoon Animator: Career and Salary Facts

Research what it takes to become a cartoon animator. Learn about education requirements, job duties, average wages and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

Cartooning Majors

Current or soon-to-be undergraduate students with a passion for cartooning and similar art forms may be interested in pursuing a major in cartooning or a related field. Discover your options for cartooning-related majors, coursework, online...

Classical Animation Degree Programs

A classical animation program teaches techniques used by professional animators to create life-like characters and unique story lines. Get information about commonly offered courses as well as career opportunities.

Clay Animation Courses

Find out what clay animation is, what these classes teach and where this training may be found. Read further to see if courses may be completed online.

Colleges with Computer Anime Training

While anime - used to illustrate films, television programs, cartoons, video games and Internet presentations - originated as hand-drawn art in Japan, it's now common throughout Western culture and can be computer-generated. Read on to learn how...

Comic Animation Training Programs and Courses

Learn what types of comic animation degrees and training are available, and review important considerations for choosing a program or school. Explore the typical coursework for these programs.

Computer Animation Degree Programs and Schools

A degree in computer animation can prepare you for a career as an animator, special effects technician or game designer. Read on to learn more about computer animation degree programs and the schools that offer them, including what you'll learn.

Degrees in 3D Animations

A degree in 3D animation will equip you with a variety of skills and will help prepare you for a career in the film or gaming industry. Learn more about the available programs, online study options, common study topics and career prospects.

Digital Animation Careers and Degree Programs

Learn about what digital animators do and which industries employ them. Discover the computer animation degree program options available online and on campus.

Digital Animator: Career and Salary Facts

Research what it takes to become a digital animator. Learn about degree requirements, job outlook and salary to find out if this is the career for you.

Flash Animation Career and Salary Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in Flash animation. Read on to learn more about career options, along with salary and job outlook information.

Flash Certification and Courses

Courses in Flash can teach you how to create flashing ads and interactive images for use on websites and can even lead to certification. Keep reading to find out more.

Graduate Programs in Animation

Find tips for choosing a school with graduate degree programs in animation. Learn about course topics you could study, and discover the employment outlook for computer animators.

How Can I Learn to Make Cartoons on the Computer?

Do you want to be the creator of the next blockbuster animated film? Making digital cartoons requires both drawing and computer skills. You can learn to create digital art and animation by entering into an undergraduate degree program.

How Do I Become a Video Game Animator?

Explore the career requirements for a video game animator. Get the facts about degree programs available, job duties and salary to determine if this is the right career for you.

How Do I Become an Animator?

Animators utilize the latest technology to create characters in movies, advertisements, and/or video games. Animators must have the right combination of creativity and education to be successful. Read on further to discover how you can become an...

How Do I Begin a Career as a 3D Animator?

As a 3-D animator, you can create realistic characters and animated special effects with the aid of computer software programs. To learn more about careers in 3-D animation, degree programs and salary figures, read on.

Illustration Graduate Schools

Graduate schools offering degrees in illustration give students the chance to hone and develop artistic skills in areas like digital media and conceptual art. Research different programs that are available to get a feel for what might work best...

Illustration Majors

If you love to draw or paint, you may be interested in a major in illustration. Read on to learn about degree options, course content and career possibilities.

Is There a 3D Animation Certificate Program?

Several schools offer 3D animation certificate programs that introduce students to motion graphics, 3D modeling, and other animation basics. Keep reading to learn about certificate program course requirements and career options available to...

Master's Degree Programs in Animation

A Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Animation equips you with the skills and knowledge required for a career in computer animation, or in other fields requiring animation skills. Learn more about the requirements for a master's degree program, the...

Master's Degrees for a 2D Animation Career

Find out about the 2D animation careers you can pursue with a master's degree in animation. Get information about online and on-campus programs, see what courses you'll take, and learn about the admission requirements.

Motion Graphics Artist: Salary and Career Facts

Research what it takes to become a motion graphics artist. Learn about education requirements, skill requirements, average wages and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

Motion Graphics Courses and Diplomas

Motion graphics courses are commonly offered through diploma, certificate, associate's and bachelor's degree programs in multimedia, graphic design and similar subjects. Courses can teach you to use software to develop 3-D video game characters,...

Motion Graphics Majors

Bachelor's degree programs in motion graphics are available online, on-campus and as hybrid programs with both distance- and campus-based classes. Read on to learn about the field, available types of programs, prerequisites, online study and...

Movie Animation Degree Programs and Courses

Read about the coursework in a movie animation bachelor's and master's degree program. Research the range of animation careers in movies and movie tie-in media like video games.

Multimedia Animator: Salary and Career Facts

Multimedia animators have artistic talent and computer savvy. Read on to learn about degree programs and training courses for animation, along with job duties, job outlook and salary prospects in the field.

Online Animation Courses

Animation coursework teaches the history and techniques of producing art that moves. Learn about related degree programs, online study options and course topics for this field.

Online Cartooning Schools and Classes

Online undergraduate and graduate degree programs in digital design, computer animation or illustration can help you become a professional cartoon animator. You can also find free drawing lessons on the Web to enhance your skills in cartooning....

Online Computer Animation Courses

Through online coursework in computer animation, you can learn how to bring characters to life, whether for video games, films or websites. Read this article to find out more about what the curriculum covers and what technical equipment you need.

Online Computer Animation Degree Programs

Learn about the admission requirements and courses offered in online computer animation degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. See what jobs you might be eligible for with a computer animation degree, and get growth predictions...

Online Illustration Courses and Schools

Learn about the different types of illustration courses and programs that are available through online study, including both certificate and degree programs. Find out how online programs work, and check the technical requirements for taking...

Online Illustration Degree Programs

Through a degree program in illustration, you'll study various art techniques and learn how to manage an art studio and teach art to students. Explore online options and coursework for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in this field.

Online Master's Degree Programs in Computer Animation

Online master's degree programs in computer animation exist, but aren't common. They can teach you the skills and knowledge required to become a 3D animator, technical director, modeler or character animator. Learn more about on-campus degree...

Special Effects Animation Degree Programs

Scope out the curriculum and admissions requirements for a bachelor's or master's degree in animation and special effects, and the availability of online programs. Learn which careers use the technical and artistic skills taught in an animation...

Special Effects Animator: Salary and Career Facts

Explore the career requirements for special effects animators. Get the facts about education requirements, salary, and potential job growth to determine if this is the right career for you.

Special Effects Schools and Degrees

Read on to learn which degree programs are available in the field of special effects. See what you'll study and what to look for when deciding on a program.

Special Effects Technician Training Programs and Schools

Review the curriculum for undergraduate and graduate programs in special effects and computer animation, and find out how these programs can train you for a career as a special effects technician. Find out how to spot a high-quality special...

Special Effects Technician: Career and Salary Facts

Research what it takes to become a special effects technician. Learn about job duties, training and salary potential to find out if this is the career for you.

Top Animation Colleges

Get info on choosing a school with a good animation program. Explore three top-ranked schools with animation programs, and read about the degrees and certificates each school offers in the field.

Video Game Animator Education Programs

Video game animators create the lifelike characters and backgrounds in video and computer games. Learn what programs include the technical and animation courses needed to enter this field, and find out about career options for video game animators.

Visual Effects Majors

Visual effects bachelor's degree programs can help you develop skills in character development, graphic design, computer animation and filmmaking. Continue reading for more details about majoring in visual effects, whether programs are available...

What are Some Popular Careers in Computer Animation?

Computer animation careers are gaining in popularity and appeal. Computer animators may find jobs in the entertainment industry animating movies, TV cartoons or video games. They may also work in website design or even architectural planning and...

What are the Job Duties of a 2D Animator?

2D animators create characters, storyboards, and backgrounds for animation in a two-dimensional space. 2D animators may have titles such as animator, character designer, or storyboard artist.

What College Degrees Offer Courses in Flash?

Various professions use Adobe Flash to create dynamic images online, in print materials and on television. Animation and web design degree programs may require students to take Adobe Flash courses to graduate. Continue reading to learn more...

What Courses are Required for a Degree in Computer Animation?

Computer animators are skilled at both free-hand drawing and using computer applications. Read on to learn more about the courses required for a college degree in this field.

What Courses Can I Take to Learn Animation for Websites?

Expanding technology and a growing Internet feed a need for Web animators to integrate animation into websites. Courses like Web design, Web animation and computer animation could help you learn animation for websites.

What Do Multimedia Artists and Animators Do?

If you want to see your artwork in commercials, video games, and other media, you may be interested in exploring a career as a multimedia artist and animator. Read on to find out more about typical tasks that multimedia artists and animators...

What is 2D Animation?

2D animation is a type of artistic medium. Read on to for an in-depth 2D animation definition, and learn more about 2D digital animation education and career options.

What is a Bachelor Degree in Animation?

A bachelor's degree program in animation teaches students the necessary skills to become animators. Most animation is computerized, so programs teach both artistic and technological skills. Continue reading for more details.

What is a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts and Animation?

A bachelor's degree program in media arts and animation is designed to prepare students to work in creative and dynamic industries. These include animation, graphic design and website development. Read on for information pertaining to potential...

What is an Animation Designer?

Animation design requires a balance of computer software and creativity skills to create animating graphics for an array of industries, including film, television, and marketing. Read on to discover how to get into animation, as well as job...

What is an Associate Degree in Animation?

An associate's degree in animation prepares students to work in several fields in a variety of positions. Read on to learn how an associate's degree in animation could benefit you.

What Skills are Learned in 3D Game Design Courses?

Students can explore 3D game design courses through undergraduate and graduate game design, animation and multimedia programs or as stand-alone courses. Read on to find out what game design courses are available and the skills learned.

What Will I Learn in Special Effects Classes?

Get an overview of topics covered in classes for both visual and physical special effects. Learn about online and campus-based degree programs that include special effects classes.

What's the Curriculum of an Animation Degree Program?

Animation involve the creation of simulated environments and characters that are used in video game design, animated films, print, and interactive design. Keep reading for information on the different levels of education you can get in animation.

Where Can I Find an Animation School Online?

Animation programs are available online at several different schools. In this article, you will find out about schools that offer degree programs in animation, as well as common degrees and certifications in the field.

Where Can I Find Free Online Cartooning Lessons?

Several accredited colleges and universities offer free online cartooning lessons. Find out what you can learn through noncredit courses offered by MIT, Tufts University and the University of Notre Dame.

Where Can I Find Online Computer Animation Courses?

See where to find online computer animation courses. Learn about course topics and program requirements, and find out about career prospects in the animation field.

Where Can I Get Certified or Receive Training to Use Flash CS3?

As an industry standard for adding animation and other unique effects to web pages, Adobe Flash is one of many key software components to a web design certificate program. Many people further their education with certificate programs because they...

Where Can I Take Courses to Learn Animation Online?

Online courses in animation are readily available from a number of sources. Some schools offer such courses as part of an online degree program in graphic design or animation, while others offer non-credit courses as part of their continuing...

Where Can I Train for a Career in Flash Animation?

Individuals who are well-versed in Adobe Flash software can find employment as animators, animation directors and graphic designers. Many community colleges offer associate degree and certificate programs that deal mainly with Flash animation, so...

Which Schools Offer 3D Design Courses Online?

Those interested in computer animation and video game design can develop these skills with online courses offered by a number of schools. These schools provide hands-on practice with 3-dimensional (3D) design programs popular in today's...

Which U.S. Colleges Offer a Degree in Computer Animation?

Many colleges across the U.S. offer degrees in computer animation. Students could choose to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Animation, a Master of Fine Arts in Animation, a B.A. in Arts and Technology or an M.A. in Arts and Technology,...

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