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Art Conservation Programs and Courses

Turn your passion for art into a career by earning a degree in art conservation. Learn about the programs available for art conservation, the kinds of courses typically required, and more by reading below.

Art Restoration Programs & Courses

While some undergraduate programs offer courses in art restoration, and there are additional workshops and seminars available, a master's degree is usually required to obtain conservation work at museums and historical sites.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs

The following is designed to provide you with an overview of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programs and explain the difference between a B.A. and a Bachelor of Science program. Read on to also get info on prerequisites and online study options.

Bindery Operator: Career and Salary Facts

Research what it takes to become a bindery operator. Learn about salary potential, required training and employment outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

Design Diplomas and Courses

Find out what classes are offered in design and the length of time required to complete a diploma program. Get information about specializations in the field as well as career options.

Design Editor: Salary and Career Facts

Research what it takes to become a design editor. Learn about education requirements, job duties, average wages and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

Design Schools and Degree Programs

Learn about design schools and degree programs, including those related to fashion, graphic and interior design. Find information on education levels, curriculum and design facilities here.

How Do I Become a Book Illustrator?

Research what it takes to become a book illustrator. Learn about responsibilities, required education and skills needed to find out if this is the career for you.

How Do I Become a Platemaker?

A platemaker prepares printing plates, among other jobs, to support large printing projects. Continue reading for information on job duties, skills, education programs and salary.

How Do I Earn an Art Certification Online?

There are many forms of art certification, including those in art therapy, forensic art and art education. You typically must apply to a credentialing board and pass an exam to gain certification. The following article provides brief descriptions...

Industrial Design Courses and Certificates

Although they are rare, earning a certificate in industrial design could prepare you for a career that blends art and technology. Learn more about certificate programs in industrial design, the prerequisites for admission and the typical...

Industrial Design Education Requirements

An education in industrial design can prepare you to create new products or re-imagine old ones. Continue reading to learn about certificate and degree programs in industrial design. Get detailed info on the typical coursework in these programs,...

Industrial Design Schools and Degree Programs

Completing a degree program in industrial design could lead to a career creating items as varied as automobiles, toys, medical equipment and kitchen utensils. Get information about career options in the field.

Industrial Designer: Career and Salary Facts

Explore the career requirements for an industrial designer. Get the facts about the job duties, education requirements, salary and job outlook to determine if this is the right career for you.

Master of Fine Arts Degree Programs

This article provides an overview of Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programs. Continue reading to find information on career options and program categories, and learn how an MFA program is different from one that leads to a Master of Arts.

Metal Decorating Pressman: Career and Salary Facts

Metal decorating pressman training is not very common, though individuals interested in this career may be able to study sheet metal and stamping. Find out more about training programs, employment opportunities and job duties by reading on, and...

Online Associate's Degrees in Design

Online associate's degree programs are available in both graphic design and Web design. Learn about classes offered in these programs and careers that might need applicants with these skills.

Online Courses in 3D Design

Through online courses in 3D design, you'll study professional graphic techniques used to create realistic and intriguing characters or landscapes. Learn about online undergraduate and graduate course options related to this field, and discover...

Product Design Engineer: Career and Salary Facts

Explore the career requirements for product design engineers. Get the facts about education requirements, job duties, and salary information to determine if this is the right career for you.

Product Design Engineering Degree Programs and Certificates

Engineers who work in product design help come up with innovative solutions to create products. Learn about degree programs in this field, as well as certificates. Find out more about what you'd do as a product engineer, and check the employment...

Product Design Jobs: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in product design. Read on to learn more about career options along with salary and job outlook information.

Product Design Schools

Product design is a multidisciplinary field that draws upon concepts in business, art and engineering. Find out about degree programs and classes in this field, along with career options. Read about some important considerations for choosing a...

What are Common Entry Level Careers for Art Major Graduates?

A career in art can be as diverse as the artistic concentrations and specializations available to art majors. To learn more about the job duties and requirements for art careers, from fine artist to graphic designer, read on.

What Are Entry Level Jobs for an Art Therapy Degree Graduate?

Art therapy is the use of art as a tool for healing. After obtaining a master's degree and certification in art therapy, you could work as an art therapist. Read on to review the process for entering the art therapy career field.

What Are Jobs For Graduates with a Degree in Design Management?

Graduates of design management programs should have both business skills and design-specific training, opening up a variety of entry-level jobs in industries ranging from architecture to marketing. Read on to find out more about design management...

What Are My Career Options in Design Management?

Design management could apply to many employment settings, allowing you the chance to manage accounts, clients and employees while working to bring concepts and ideas to the visual forefront. For example, you could work as an art director,...

What are Some Popular Art and Design Professions?

If you're considering a future in art and design, there are a number of professions available. Some of these include graphic designer, art director, Web designer and animator. Read on to learn more about these careers and to find out if one is...

What are Some Popular Entry Level Illustration Jobs?

Illustrators create images using digital software or traditional pen-and-pencil techniques for magazines, books and websites. If you have the talent or aspirations to become an illustrator, then keep reading to learn about some popular career...

What are Some Popular Entry-Level Industrial Design Jobs?

Combining the eye of an artist, the skill of a technician and the curiosity of a keen observer, industrial designers are responsible for creating innovative new product designs or ways to improve a variety of products, ranging from writing pens...

What Are the Best Art and Design Schools?

Read about three top schools in the art and design field. Check the fine arts program rankings for these schools, and explore the degree programs they offer. Get info on what to look for in a good art and design school.

What are the Core Courses in a Game Art Degree Program?

Game designers create games that can be played online, on handheld devices, and on video game consoles. An undergraduate game art program teaches artistic techniques and programming skills to prepare you for an entry-level position as a game...

What are the Core Courses in a Master's Degree in Fine Arts?

The field of fine arts includes such disciplines as painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, creative writing, digital design and new media. Students pursuing a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) generally concentrate on one or two disciplines. This...

What are the Core Courses of a Master's Degree in Art and Design?

Art and design are both very broad fields covered in several master's-level degree programs. Many of these programs, though they vary in specialty, contain similar core courses, including studio, seminar and/or thesis courses. Read on to learn...

What are the Core Courses Offered in an Associate of Arts Degree?

Core courses in an Associate of Arts degree usually include communications, social or behavioral science, natural science, humanities and mathematics. The degree program is intentionally broad allowing you to explore a range of disciplines. Read...

What Are the Courses in a Bachelor's Degree in Art and Design?

The curricula of bachelor's degree programs in art and design will likely differ significantly by school and program type. A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design curriculum might offer different courses than a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design...

What Are the Courses in an Associate's Degree in Art and Design?

Associate's degree programs in art and design take approximately two years to finish. These degrees combine general education courses with classes in your field of visual arts studies. Continue reading to learn about core courses for some common...

What Are the Courses in an Online College Degree in Media Arts?

Media arts is an interdisciplinary field that can encompass web design, animation, film studies, online video journalism and multimedia production. This article examines the typical core courses found in an online media arts degree program.

What Are the Courses in an Online Undergraduate Art Degree Program?

Online undergraduate art degree programs usually include core courses in the fundamentals of design and color theory. Most programs offer an area of focus, such as fine arts or digital art, and require several core courses specific to that area....

What Are the Educational Requirements to Be a Designer?

Education requirements for fashion designers, graphic designers, industrial designers and interior designers typically include a bachelor's degree in their respective fields. Read on to learn more.

What are the Performing Arts?

The performing arts include dance, music and theater. Many performing artists use their bodies, voices and talents as a means of artistic expression. They include singers, actors, comedians and dancers. This article discusses the performing arts...

What Are the Top Schools for Arts and Sciences Associate Degrees?

Associate-degree programs in the arts and sciences can serve to provide the foundation for a wide variety of careers. Continue reading this article for more information about top schools that offer such associate's-level programs.

What Can I Do with an Undergraduate Degree in Design?

An undergraduate degree in design can prepare you for a variety of careers in all types of design, including advertising and interior decorating. Read on to learn about some of the job options available to design majors, including graphic...

What Colleges Offer a Bachelor's Degree in Planning and Design?

Many colleges and universities offer Bachelor of Urban Planning and Design programs. Here is a look at three of the largest - Arizona State University, Michigan State University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

What Does a Design Consultant Do?

Design consultants, often called interior designers, design spaces large and small - from rooms in houses to hotels to airports. If you have an eye for color, texture, and lighting and enjoy working with people, becoming a design consultant might...

What Does an Industrial Designer Do?

Industrial designers combine science, art, and a working knowledge of human psychology to design everything from your kitchen table to your remote control. Read on to learn more about job duties, education requirements and the career outlook in...

What is a Curator?

Curators work in museums, nature centers, historical sites, gardens, or zoos maintaining collections, researching, and fundraising for the institution. A minimum of a bachelor's degree is necessary for this career field; however, many curator...

What is a Fine Arts Degree?

A fine arts degree prepares individuals for careers in art and related areas, such as performance and creative writing. Read on to discover specific types of fine arts degrees, the levels at which they are offered, and careers for which they...

What Is an Associate of Applied Arts Degree?

An Associate of Applied Arts (AAA) program can prepare you for an entry-level position. Read on to learn about these programs, how they compare to other associate's degrees and what your career options might be with an AAA degree.

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapists work with patients to help them recognize and creatively express their thoughts or emotions and enhance their mental well-being. Professionals in this field need both artistic talent and counseling skills. Continue reading to learn...

What is Game Art and Design?

Any time you've played a video game, you've used a product created by someone in the field of game art and design. Game software development combines artistic talent with programming skill to create video games for entertainment, education and...

What is Illustration Design?

Unlike designers who develop logos and similar images, illustration designers are frequently expected to create lively, character-driven illustrations with personality and often a touch of humor. Read on to learn more.

What is Industrial Design?

Also known as product design and commercial design, the field of industrial design encompasses designs for everything from a child's toy to an astronaut's space vehicle. Read on to learn how industrial designers combine skill, trade, and creative...

What Is the Curriculum of an Online Associate's Degree in Design?

Online associate's degree programs can prepare graduates for careers in the field of graphic design. The typical curriculum for an associate's degree program in graphic design includes general education courses and design classes such as...

What Is the Job Description of a Talent Manager?

If you are a persuasive person with an eye for talent, you might enjoy working as a talent manager. Talent managers help many different kinds of talented individuals succeed in the entertainment industry.

What is the Job Outlook for a Career in Game Designing?

A video game designer helps create games for entertainment and the video game designer job outlook is positive. Find out more about the career here, including some of the different game design jobs available.

What is the Job Outlook for a Career Textile Designing?

Textile designers create original designs that are used in the production of cloth and fabric goods, such as furniture, linens and even airplane and car seats. The job outlook for fashion designers overall is precarious, with fierce job...

What is Visual Arts?

Visual arts or studio art refers to art experienced primarily through the sense of sight. Read this article to learn more about visual arts and the topics you can expect to see in this area of study.

What Kinds of Design Certificates I Can Earn?

Design certificate programs focus on the building of fundamental skills that you will apply in your chosen profession. Some programs may be appropriate for beginners in a given field, while others are aimed at professionals who wish to enhance...

What Top Universities Offer Performing Arts Bachelor's Degrees?

Students with performing talent and drive can benefit from a bachelor's degree program in performing arts. Read on to get detailed information about the performing arts programs available at three particular schools.

What Training is Needed for a Career as a Professional Artist?

While creativity and artistic ability are intrinsic qualities, formal education and training is often necessary in order to maintain a career as a professional artist. Most find careers in commercial art or other related fields, which may require...

What U.S. Colleges Have Art Management Majors?

A major in art management or arts administration prepares those who are interested in the arts for management careers in museums, cultural centers and other arts-related businesses. Read this article to learn about some well-known U.S. schools...

What's the Curriculum for an Online Bachelor's in Applied Arts and Science?

Bachelor of Applied Art and Sciences (B.A.A.S.) degree programs are designed to provide a broad liberal arts education for students who may already have specialized experience or training in specific areas. Several core courses are usually...

Where Can I Earn a Bachelor of Applied Art and Science Degree Online?

Bachelor of Applied Art and Science degrees are intended for students with prior learning experience, either through work, formal training, military experience or an associate degree program. Some schools are now offering online Bachelor of...

Where Can I Earn an Art & Design Diploma Through Distance Learning?

While art and design diplomas aren't commonly available online, plenty of online certificate programs are available for students to pursue. More about schools offering distance learning programs in art and design can be found below.

Where Can I Find an Art Drawing Class Online?

While rare, online drawing classes are offered by some colleges and vocational schools. Other schools offer multiple online degree programs in the fine arts.

Where Can I Find an Undergraduate Design Degree Program Online?

If you are seeking an online undergraduate design program, you might explore options in various disciplines, including gaming and simulation, multimedia art and design, and web development. Read on for more information about three institutions...

Where Can I Find Art Management Courses Online?

Online classes in art management and arts administration cover the artistic, business and organizational skills needed for a career in the visual and performing arts. Read this article for information about schools that offer undergraduate online...

Where Can I Find Art Therapy Classes Online?

Classes in art therapy are generally offered at the graduate level or as continuing education courses, and some are available online. Keep reading to learn more.

Where Can I Find College Courses in Art Online?

If you are interested in taking online college-level courses in art, there are a number of institutions that offer such educational options. These courses are presented entirely over the Internet and may count toward college credit. This article...

Where Can I Find Courses in Site Design?

Are you interested in learning to create custom websites, either as a hobby or a potential career? Read on to find out about three schools offering courses in site design, including both associate degree and certificate programs.

Where Can I Find Free Online Art Lessons?

There are many websites offering free art lessons. These sites generally offer lessons in the form of instructional text with some illustrations. Read this article to learn more about where you can find free art lessons online.

Where Can I Find Free Online Design Courses?

Online design courses are offered for free at The Open University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Interested individuals can access course materials from a laptop or home computer and an internet connection.

Where Can I Find Online Schools for Gaming Art?

An online program in the field of gaming art prepares you for a variety of careers, including those as a game tester, 3D character builder, background artist or interactive designer. Read on to learn about schools that offer online instruction in...

Where Can I Learn to Draw Cartoons Online?

Cartoonists make a career out of creating characters and making up stories, and while some have formal training, others do not. Some online universities do offer animation degrees, and other web-based resources are available for aspiring...

Which Art and Design Concepts Can I Learn in Online Art Classes?

Many educational institutions offer online art classes covering the same art and design concepts as traditional classes. Whether you are looking for an introduction to the creative process, fine art techniques or concepts of graphic design, you...

Which Colleges Offer a Master of Art Education Online?

It is possible to earn your master's degree in art education entirely online. Many of these programs are designed for teachers who wish to advance their career or skill level. Continue reading to learn about some of the schools from which you can...

Which Online Colleges Have a Bachelor of Applied Arts & Science Degree?

For students who lack the time or resources to attend a traditional program, an online degree provides a flexible and accommodating schedule. Read on to learn about the specifics of an online Bachelor of Applied Art and Science, as well as the...

Which Popular U.S. Colleges Offer an Associate Degree in Design?

Are you interested in obtaining an associate's degree in design? Read on to find out more about two popular U.S. colleges that offer associate degree programs in fields like digital design and graphic design.

Which Schools Offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Online?

An online Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program offers writers and visual and performing artists an opportunity to obtain an undergraduate degree and enhance their creative skills. Read on to learn more about some schools that offer this type of...

Which Schools Offer a Master of Fine Arts Degree Online?

A Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program is designed to prepare students for mid-level jobs in the visual and performing arts. Offered by colleges, universities and technical schools, online programs might provide students with the knowledge necessary...

Which Schools Offer a Master's Degree in Design Online?

Graphic design gives aspiring artists a realistic avenue for their creative talents. Graphic artists who desire a high level of expertise and a competitive edge in the workforce might consider pursuing an online master's degree in design from the...

Which Universities Offer a Bachelor Degree in Art Online?

It's becoming increasingly common to earn a bachelor's degree in art through online study, especially if you plan to focus on an area such as digital or web design. Several universities offer online bachelor's degrees in art.

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