Associate's Degrees (Other)

Associate's Degree Information: Other Degrees

If you already work in education, but are interest in moving into an administration career, it may be time to head back to school for an advanced degree. This section has information about doctoral degrees in education, including educational administration, counselor education and music education. Each article includes information on program coursework, skills learned and career options.

An associate's degree not only provides you with the knowledge and training needed to secure a job, but it also makes you extremely attractive to potential employers. This section includes information on various associate degrees ranging from general studies and liberal arts to teacher's aides and professional catering. Each article includes a detailed program overview, educational overview and a professional outlook.

Associate Degree Program in Interdisciplinary Studies

Learn how interdisciplinary programs allow you to study multiple areas and prepare you for several different careers. Find out about topics often paired in these programs and if online study is available.

Child Care Management Associate's Degree

You can earn a child care management associate's degree to attain a leadership role at a day care. These programs cover development and learning in children along with business concepts relevant to running a child care facility. An associate's...

Freelance Reporting Associate's Degree

A freelance reporter writes about breaking events, consumer issues or a niche topic for multiple media outlets. Learn about the available programs, admission requirements, common study topics and options for continuing your education.

General Education Associate Degree Overview

If you're unsure about what major or subject area you'd like to pursue, a general-education associate's degree program allows you to explore your options while earning credits toward a higher degree. A general-education associate's degree can...

General Studies Associate's Degree

Find out what earning an associate's degree in general studies could do for your future educational and employment options. Get information about classes offered and whether online study is available.

Government Reporter Associate's Degree

Aspiring government reporters may be interested in obtaining an associate degree in government reporting or a related field. Explore program options, common coursework and potential career paths.

Liberal Arts Associate's Degree

Learn how an associate's degree program in the liberal arts can give you a solid foundation for continuing education and entry-level employment. Keep reading for information about degree and online options, courses and concentrations.

Liberal Studies Associate's Degree

Liberal studies associate's degree programs are general programs that cover a variety of subjects. Learn about degree programs, coursework, online options and what you can do with your degree.

Media Production Associate's Degree

A media production associate's degree program could give you knowledge of audio and video and how to apply it to a career in film, television and graphic design. Find out about classes offered in these programs and career paths in media production.

Media-Room Reporter Associate's Degree

An associate's degree in journalism or communication may help you gain entry-level employment to work in a media room. Learn about media room reporter associate degree programs, what careers you can pursue, what classes you'll take and what...

Political Reporter Associate's Degree

Political reporting programs aren't usually offered at the associate's level; however, taking journalism and political science courses could lead to this career. Earning a bachelor's degree or getting an internship or a job at a newspaper or...

Professional Catering Associate's Degree

A professional catering associate's degree teaches students food and business skills. Learn about what programs are available, what kinds of classes you'll take and what careers are available for those with catering or similar degrees.

Public Reporting Associate Degree Programs

Learn what kinds of tasks a public reporter might perform, and get information about the classes available that could prepare you for this career. Find out if special skills or training could give you an edge in the job market.

Publishing or Transcriptionist Associate Degrees

A publishing transcriptionist associate degree program will generally prepare you for a career as a transcriptionist in the field you choose to study. Learn about the courses you can take, as well as what careers may be available to you.

Stenoscriptionist Associate's Degree

Stenoscription is another word for medical transcription. This article shows you what you'd learn in an associate's degree program in medical transcription, and the classes you might take. It also mentions online availability for the appropriate...

Teacher's Aide Associate Degree Program

Learn about the types of classes you could take in an associate degree program in teacher assisting, and explore the job duties, employment outlook and salary potential for teacher's aides.

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