Associate's Degrees in Law and Security

Associate's Degree Information: Law & Security Degrees

If you are considering a career in law enforcement or security, an associate's degree is the perfect starting point. This page contains information on a variety of associate's degrees in law and security. The articles cover all of the basics, including program description, job opportunities, required coursework and a career outlook. Programs in this category include criminal justice, security technology, cyber security or legal office administration.

Associate Degree in Criminal Justice - Cybercrime

Learn about criminal justice associate degree programs that have an emphasis in cybercrime. Find out what kinds of courses you would take, as well as the program's application requirements. Learn about the places you could work after earning this...

Associate Degree in Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement

Earning an associate's degree in criminal justice with a concentration in law enforcement could prepare you to become a police officer. Learn the classes offered in these programs and the employment outlook.

Associate Degree in Criminal Justice - Private Security

An associate degree program in criminal justice can prepare you for work in the private security field. Learn about the courses you would take, as well as licensure and certification. Discover the job outlook and salary for security guards.

Corrections, Probation and Parole Associate Degree

Associate programs in corrections, probation and parole provide an introduction to the criminal justice system and parole process. Learn about degree requirements, courses of study and continuing education options.

Criminal Justice (Corrections) Associate Degree

Learn about criminal justice associate degree programs that offer courses or a specialization in corrections. Find out about prerequisites for this type of program, as well as potential careers associated with a criminal justice degree. Consider...

Criminal Justice Administration Associate Degree

Learn about associate's degree programs in criminal justice administration, which are offered both online and on campus. Explore course topics and careers associated with this field of study.

Criminal Justice Technology Associate Degree

Criminal justice technology programs explore crimes, criminal behavior and the methods used for investigation and prevention. Learn about degree coursework and career prospects associated with this field of study.

Cyber Security - Conferencing Specialist Associate Degree

Cyber security conferencing studies explore the technology and procedures of encrypting electronic conferencing data. Learn about schools, associate degree coursework, professional certification and employment outlook.

Cyber Security Associate's Degree

In a cyber security associate's degree program, you can learn about encryption, forensics, and other means of protecting information systems against hackers and other attackers. Learn more about these training programs.

Homeland Response and Emergency Management Associate's Degree

Whether you're new to the field or an emergency response professional, you can earn a homeland response and emergency management associate's degree that gives you the skills you need to be a hero in times of crisis. Find out where this degree can...

Homeland Security Associate's Degree

Homeland security programs delve into the prevention of and response to security emergencies and threats. Learn about associate degree requirements, course topics, online study options and possible career choices.

Justice Studies Associate Degree Programs

Courses in a justice studies associate program include ethics, criminology and the legal system. Learn about degree requirements, topics of study and post-graduation employment options.

Law Enforcement Associate's Degree

To prepare yourself for a career in the war against crime, you might want to consider earning an associate's degree in law enforcement. Learn where you can find these programs and what the curriculum covers. This degree can lead to a position as...

Legal Administration Associate's Degree

Read on to find out how you can get trained to enter the legal field without going to law school. See associate's degree program information for the study of legal administration, including sample courses and admissions requirements.

Legal Administration Secretary Associate Degree Programs

A legal administrative secretary is both the glue and the axle grease that keeps a law office together and makes it run smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Throughout the course of training, you develop your communication skills and become familiar...

Legal Administrative Assistant Associate Degree

In addition to a legal assistant, also known as a paralegal, law offices often need the services of a legal administrative assistant. These individuals help ease the daily operations of a law office. Learn about program requirements for legal...

Legal Assistant Associate's Degree

Legal assistants should have an eye for detail and a knack for research to work in a fast-paced law office helping lawyers prepare for court cases. Read on to learn more about associate's degree programs in legal assisting as well as job duties,...

Legal Executive Assistant Associate Degree

As a legal executive assistant, you help lawyers accomplish their daily tasks and ensure the efficient operation of a legal practice. In addition to clerical office duties, your responsibilities may include such tasks as preparing legal...

Legal Office Administration Associate Degree

Legal office administrators perform general and specialized clerical work at law offices and other legal settings. Learn about associate degree programs, course topics, employment outlook and median salary information.

Legal Office Associate's Degree Programs

Legal office administration programs contain legal study and clerical skill courses.This article shows you the typical classes offered in an associate's program, along with the options in legal administration careers and continuing your education.

Legal Office e-Ministration Associate Degree

E-ministration, or e-administration, refers to using modern technology, like online timesheets, to make an office as paperless as possible. Although associate's degree programs in e-ministration aren't available, you can study legal office...

Legal Office Management Associate Degree

Legal office management programs teach legal theories and procedures in addition to administrative skills. This article gives you a preview of typical accounting and administrative courses in an associate's program, and shows you what salary you...

Legal Office Technology Associate Degree

If you are interested in studying the office technology necessary for the legal field, consider getting an associate's degree. This article tells you what the common office procedure and terminology courses are for a program, along with possible...

Legal Secretary Associate's Degree

Legal secretary programs teach the administrative and clerical support skills needed to work in a law office. Learn about associate's degree requirements, common courses, professional certification and salary info for legal secretaries.

Paralegal Associate's Degree Program

if you'd like to pursue a career in the legal field without having to pay for law school, you might want to consider a paralegal studies associate's degree program. This article walks you through some common topics in law and crime, and shows you...

Paralegal Specialist Associate's Degree

If your idea of a great job is helping lawyers prepare for legal proceedings, you should consider earning a paralegal studies associate's degree. This article details the typical classes you will find in an associate's program, along with...

Paralegal Studies Associate's Degree

In a paralegal studies associate's degree program, you'll learn how to work in a law office and help lawyers prepare for court cases. Research and writing are typically emphasized in these training programs. Learn what associate's degree programs...

Security Management Associate Degree Programs

Find out how a security management associate's degree can prepare you for work as a security officer or an emergency response professional. Learn about other career options and the employment outlook in the security field.

Security Technology Associate's Degree

Employees who are experienced in providing network security and who can work with security technologies are currently in high demand. To prepare for this career consider earning an associate's degree in security technology. Read on to learn about...

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