Associate's Degrees in Technology and Mechanics

Associate's Degree Information: Technology & Mechanics Degrees

An associate's degree in technology or mechanics is a good place to get the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain a career in the field. This page discusses several different associate's degrees in technology and mechanics, including automotive technology, plumbing and heating technology and quality insurance management technology. Every article includes specific information about that degree program, including skills acquired, examples of coursework, job possibilities and a career outlook.

Administrative Information Processing Associate's Degree

Discover the courses you'll take in an administrative information processing associate's degree program. Learn about administrative career possibilities.

Administrative Office Technology Associate Degree Program

Find out what administrative office technology associate degree programs are available. Learn more about the employment outlook, professional certification and average salaries.

Airframe Technology and Powerplant Technology Associate's Degree

Find out about associate's degree programs that prepare you for a career in airframe and powerplant mechanics (A & P mechanics). Learn about the kinds of schools that offer these programs, and get information on licensure requirements and the...

Applied Electrical Technology Associate Degree

You can prepare yourself for a career as a field or bench technician with an associate's degree in applied electrical technology. You can receive training in the installation, maintenance, and repair of residential, commercial, and industrial...

Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering Associate's Degree

Learn about associate's degree programs in architectural and civil engineering. Find out what classes are offered in these programs and the kinds of careers you might be prepared for.

Auto Body Technology Associate's Degree

Turn your manual skills and passion for working with cars into a money-making proposition. Find out the curriculum of an associate's degree program in auto body technology. Also, see the potential salary and employment projection for automotive...

Automotive Technology and Diesel Technology Associate's Degree

An associate's degree in automotive and diesel technology will prepare you for a career servicing and working with all sorts of automobiles. Learn more about this degree program and the career opportunities available to graduates.

Automotive Technology Associate's Degree

An automotive technology associate's program can prepare you to be an automotive service technician or mechanic. Read on to learn more about what an associate's degree can do for you, how to find a program, what courses may be included and what...

Aviation Electronics Technology (AET) Associate's Degree

Learn the admission requirements for associate's degree programs in aviation electronics technology. Find out what you'll learn and discover career options.

Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) Associate's Degree

An aviation maintenance technology (AMT) associate's degree prepares graduates to inspect and troubleshoot air crafts. Read about key skills, topics you will study, possible careers, and the career outlook is with this degree.

Building Maintenance Technology Associate Degree

Find out about associate degree programs in building maintenance and what classes may be included in the curriculum. Learn what skills will be developed and what the career outlook is for the field.

Civil Engineering Technology Associate's Degree Programs

The United States has an extensive and impressive system of roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, waste-water management structures, railroads and airports. If you're interested in helping to plan, design and construct any of these structures, you might...

Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology Associate's Degree

Programs in collision repair and refinishing technology teach mechanical, electronic and surface finishing skills. Learn about schools, degree requirements, courses of study, employment outlook and salary information.

Combination Welding Technology Associate Degree

Learn about undergraduate programs in combination welding and welding technology. Also, find out what topics will be covered in the different program options, what potential careers you can enter after graduation, and the median salary and job...

Diesel and Heavy Vehicle Technology Associate Degree

If you enjoy working with diesel and heavy vehicles, an associate degree program could help add to your professional experience. This article goes over the kinds of diagnostic and repair classes you will find in your program, as well as career...

Diesel and Truck Service Management Associate Degree

If you would like to apply your management skills to diesel and truck service, you might consider going for an associate's degree. This article shows you the typical braking and hydraulics courses you will see in a program, and gives you an idea...

Digital Production Associate's Degree

Associate's degree programs in digital production can teach you what you need to know in order to develop or edit content for the film and television industry. Find out what an associate's degree program in digital production entails and what...

Electrical Engineering Technology Associate Degree

Learn about common topics in associate's degree programs in electrical engineering technology. Find out career information for electrical engineering technicians, including salary and employment outlook information.

Electrical Technology Associate's Degree

Learn about electrical technology associate's degree programs and what topics may be covered. Continue reading to find out what jobs you will be qualified for upon graduation.

Electronic Engineering Associate Degree Program

Learn about what careers you'd qualify for after earning an associate degree in electronic engineering. Find out what to expect from an associate degree program and what classes you may take.

Electronic Systems Technician Associate Degree

One of the most direct ways to break into the electronics field is by earning an associate's degree, which might qualify you to become an electronic systems technician. In this article, you can discover what kinds of courses in circuits and...

Electronics Engineering Technology Associate Degree

If you enjoy the idea of designing and testing electronic equipment, you might think about earning an associate's degree in electronics engineering technology. This article gives you a preview of the circuitry and programming courses you can find...

Electronics Technology Associate Degree

Review the prerequisites for enrolling in an electronics technology associate degree program. Explore the course topics you'd study, and get career and outlook information for electronics technicians.

Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Associate Degree

Obtaining an associate's degree in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration technology (HVAC-R) could lead to a career in the field. Find out about classes, licensure and certifications. Get information about choosing a school for your HVAC-R...

Home Technology Integrator Associate Degree

A home technology integrator associate's degree program can help you develop skills in computer repair and structural wiring. With this article, you can discover the kinds of wiring and installation classes that come with an associate's program,...

HVAC and Refrigeration Associate Degree

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC-R) technicians install, maintain and repair those systems in all kinds of buildings, ranging from single-family homes and apartments to large businesses. Learn about the courses in...

Industrial Engineering Technology Associate Degree Program

An associate's degree in industrial engineering technology might interest you if you have a knack for solving complex mechanical problems. Read on to learn about course content and career options.

Marine Technology Associate's Degree

An associate's degree program in marine technology teaches you to work with equipment used on boats and marine vessels, such as the engines, power systems and fuel systems. Learn more about program content and career options.

Mechanical Engineering Associate Degree

In the mechanical engineering field, associate's degree programs are offered in the topic of mechanical engineering technology. This program can prepare to you assist engineers or transfer to a bachelor's degree program. Read on to learn more...

Mechanical Engineering Technology Associate Degree

An associate's degree in mechanical engineering technology focuses on applying math and science to designing equipment as well as troubleshooting engineering problems. Learn more about the skills taught, course content and career options of this...

Plumbing and Heating Technology Associate's Degree

Plumbing and heating can take you through an associate degree program and earn you an opportunity for a new career. This article shows you the welding and electric classes that are found in an associate's program, as well as career options in the...

Quality Assurance Management Associate Degree

A quality assurance management associate's degree program can train you to help ensure that manufacturing processes are efficient and up to safety standards. This article will show you what kinds of oral communication and procedures courses you...

Radio Broadcasting Associate's Degree

An associate's degree in radio broadcasting can teach you the skills you need to operate radio equipment and can prepare you for a career on the air or behind the scenes. Learn about the typical coursework and get info on the skills you'd gain...

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating & Gas Technology Associate's Degree

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology is usually referred to as HVAC or HVAC-R. This article shows you the kind of training in furnaces and refrigeration you will find in an associate degree program, and gives you an...

Robotics Technology Associate Degree Program

Are you interested in creating robotic parts for a living? In this article, you can find out how to learn about propulsion and motor control through an associate's degree in robotics technology. You can also learn how to get into these programs...

Telecommunications Technology Associate Degree

Understand how to utilize cutting edge technology to provide and promote communication on a local and global scale with an associate's degree in telecommunications technology. This article shows you the kinds of classes in networking and...

Television Production Associate's Degree

An associate's degree program in television production can prepare students for behind-the-scenes careers in the television industry. Learn about the skills taught in a television production degree program and career options for graduates.

Video Production and Broadcasting Associate Degree

Recording and editing videos can turn into a great career that begins with an associate's degree in video production and broadcasting. With this article, you can learn about the different production and camera operation courses included in a...

Video Production and Radio Production Technology Associate's Degree

Do you have a passion for producing audio and video content? Turn it into a career with an associate's degree in video production and radio production technology. This article goes over the typical media and design classes found in an associate's...

Wireless Communications Associate Degree

An Associate's Degree in Wireless Communications will prepare you for a career that involves a vast knowledge of internet protocol and wireless technology functionality. Learn about what is entailed in an associate's degree program related to...

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