Associate Degree FAQs

Associate Degree in Teaching

Learn the requirements for associate's degrees in teaching, including for associate's degrees in early childhood education. Find out what career options you have with this degree, along with the salary potential.

Associate's Degree in Education

An associate's degree program in early childhood education can help prepare you for a career as a preschool teacher or daycare director. Learn about program goals, coursework, potential careers and online programs.

How Can I Earn an Associate Degree from Home?

Enrolling in classes at a traditional university campus is not the only way that one can earn an associate's degree. Read below for details about how you can earn an associate's degree from home.

How Can I Verify that an Online Associate's Degree is Accredited?

Accreditation shows that an online program has met certain standards. To verify that an online associate's degree program is accredited, find out the accrediting agency and make sure it is reputable. Read on to learn how to verify that an online...

How Does an Online Associate Program Work?

Those who would like to pursue a short-term, post-secondary degree may be interested in an online associate degree program. With an associate degree, graduates may enter the workforce or continue their studies and earn a bachelor's degree. Read...

How Many Different Kinds of Associate Degrees are There?

If you are thinking of completing an associate's degree, you'll have many options. Learn about these options and what you'll study in an associate degree program. Discover which associate's degree might be right for you.

Online Associate of Applied Science Degrees

Learn the differences between Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science degree programs. Discover online program options and how they work. Find out how an Associate of Applied Science can help your career.

What are Associate Degree Correspondence Courses?

Correspondence courses are designed to offer students a convenient way of completing coursework. Read on for information regarding associate's degree correspondence courses.

What are Common Types of Online Associate's Degrees?

Find out about the types of associate's degrees you could pursue while working online. Read on to learn more about these degree options along with career and course information.

What are Some High-Paying Jobs with an Associate Degree?

Many high-paying jobs don't require anything more than an associate's degree. The most lucrative ones are found in the technology and medical sectors. For example, a 2-year degree in dental hygiene, medical sonography or respiratory therapy can...

What are the Advantages of Online Associate Degrees?

Although there are many advantages to earning an online associate degree, three of the major advantages include flexible scheduling, convenient interaction and international access. Find out about online associate degrees and these advantages.

What are the Most Common Associate Degree Programs?

The type of associate's degree program you choose may depend on whether you would like to immediately enter the workforce or continue on with your education. Read below for information regarding the most common associate's degree programs.

What Are the Requirements to Enroll in an Online Associate's Degree Program?

Before enrolling in an online associate's degree program, it is important to know what is required and when. Read on to find out some of the basic enrollment requirements for associate's degree programs.

What Can I Do with an Associate Degree?

Possessing an associate's degree can lead to a variety of careers, depending on your area of study. You can also transfer credits earned in an associate's degree program towards a bachelor's degree. Take a look below to learn about some of the...

What Classes Do I Need to Get an Associate's Degree?

The classes you'll need to take earn an associate's degree will vary depending on the type of program in which you've enrolled. Typically, you'll need to take around 60 credit hours and meet your program's general education and concentration...

What is a General Education Associate Degree?

Associate's degree programs in general education allow you to explore a wide range of subjects and can prepare you for further bachelor's-level study. Read on for program descriptions. See what your course options are, and learn about transfer...

What is an Accelerated Associate Degree Program?

An accelerated associate's degree program may be a good option for those, with some previous college credit, who would like to earn a degree as quickly as possible. Read below for more details regarding accelerated associate's degree programs.

What is an Associate Degree in Science?

If you'd like to pursue education in a medical or science-related field, but are unsure how to begin, you might consider earning an associate degree in science. This degree is designed to provide you with foundational knowledge and prepare you to...

What is an Associate Degree?

An associate degree is a 2-year undergraduate degree, often offered through community colleges and vocational schools. An Associate of Arts or Associate of Applied Science enables graduates to pursue careers or further their education by...

Why is Earning an Accredited Associate Degree Important?

Although there are many associate's degree programs available, not all of them are accredited. Read on to find out more about the importance of earning an accredited associate's degree.

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