Bachelor's Degrees in Security and Law

Bachelor's Degree Information: Security & Law Degrees

There are many different types of bachelor's degrees in security and law available to students, ranging from Criminal Justice Administration and Corrections Officers to Forensic Science and Law Enforcement. The articles in this section detail each degree program in security and law, including a degree overview, coursework examples and skills acquired. There is also information on job options, a career outlook and salary expectations.

Administration of Justice Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor's degree programs in administration of justice prepare students for careers in law enforcement and government judicial work. Learn about undergraduate degree requirements, course topics and online education options in this field.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Bachelor's Degree

Alternative dispute resolution programs explore the theories of argumentation and methods of mediation and negotiation. Coursework from degree programs, combined with an internship, can prepare you to apply what you learn in a work setting.

Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security

If your focus in policing and criminal justice is homeland security, you can choose a bachelor's degree in this area. This article looks at the usual courses you might find in law and ethics for a bachelor's program, and your career options in...

Corrections, Probation, and Parole Bachelor's Degree

For individuals considering this career, you'll be working with offenders who have been released from prison or those who received probation as a sentence. Read about what you can learn in a bachelor's degree program.

Criminal Justice Administration Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree program in criminal justice administration can teach you how to work within the law enforcement field. Read on to learn more about classes you could take and online training options, as well as the career outlook for the field.

Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree Program

A degree program in criminal justice can prepare you to work with police departments, corrections institutions, crime labs or law firms. This program can familiarize you with laws and ethics surrounding the investigation, prosecution and...

Criminology and Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree

A criminology or criminal justice bachelor's degree program can prepare you for a career in criminal justice or career advancement in the field. The degree can also prepare for further education like law school or a Master of Business...

Economic Crime Investigation Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree program in economic crime investigation could teach you to detect and prevent financial crimes. This article helps you to explore what kinds of forensic and accounting courses make up a degree program, and how you can use your...

Forensic Psychology Bachelor's Degree

Forensic psychology is a field of study that integrates psychology and law. Learn about admission requirements and common courses for bachelor's degree programs in this field, and discover potential career paths for forensic psychology majors.

Fraud Examination Bachelor's Degree Program

A fraud examination bachelor's degree program may provide training to recognize accounting issues and credit fraud. This articles shows you what to expect in courses including security foundations and criminal law, and also tells you what...

Homeland Security and Public Safety Bachelor's Degree

Homeland security and public safety bachelor's degree programs can teach you how to maintain order and save lives. In this article, you can discover courses such as planning and public finance which are included in a bachelor's program, and where...

Homeland Security Bachelor's Degree

You can learn how to contribute to the safety and stability of the nation through a bachelor's degree program in homeland security. Keep reading to find out how you can get started through campus-based or online learning. Get course and program...

Justice Studies Bachelor's Degree Programs

A justice studies bachelor's degree program can prepare you to take on a variety of roles, from law enforcement to victims' advocacy, working on issues like border patrol, juvenile justice and corrections. Get details about program requirements...

Law Enforcement Bachelor's Degree Program

A law enforcement bachelor's degree program can train you for numerous criminal justice careers, such as corrections officer or agency administrator. Keep reading to learn more about these degree programs, including course information and what...

Legal Studies Bachelor's Degree

Consider completing a bachelor's degree program in the field of legal studies if you'd like a career as a legal assistant or paralegal. Learn about program options and online studies. Get the career outlook for this field, too.

Paralegal Bachelor's Degree Program

A bachelor's degree in paralegal studies can lead to a career assisting lawyers in a particular area of law. Learn about bachelor's degree programs that will prepare you for a career as a paralegal. Find out the typical job duties, employment...

Paralegal Office Management Bachelor's Degree

Paralegals perform many duties in a law office, including interviewing clients and performing legal research. Find helpful info for selecting a school, degree options and employment projections.

Paralegal Studies Bachelor's Degree

Learn about the classes you'll take in a paralegal studies bachelor's degree program. Find out the typical job duties, employment outlook and education requirements.

Private Security Bachelor's Degree Programs

Learn about the types of bachelor's degrees available in private security, including online programs. Find out concentration options, job possibilities and employment outlook.

Public Safety Administration Bachelor's Degree

Learn how a bachelor's degree program in public safety administration can prepare you for a career as a public safety officer or a related position. Get program, admissions and course information.

Public Safety and Law Enforcement Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree program in public safety and law enforcement can prepare you to work in homeland security, corrections or criminal justice. Read on to discover areas of study, online learning options and common classes.

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