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Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Concentrations

You can pursue concentrations such as accounting, leadership and sales in a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. See admission requirements, get information on classes you might take, and find out what type of jobs are out there for...

Bachelor's Degrees in Commerce

Read about the curriculum in a bachelor's degree program in commerce. See what the admissions and graduation requirements are, and explore career options in the field.

Bachelor's of Business Administration: Career and Salary Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue with a Bachelor's of Business Administrator. Read on to learn more about business administration jobs, salary, and industry outlook.

Best Business Graduate Schools

Review the rankings for three top business schools, and explore the graduate programs available through each school. Find out what to look for in a good business school.

Business Administration Majors

A bachelor's degree in business administration can prepare you for many careers in business or for further education. Learn about the opportunities to specialize, get information on online programs, and see what classes might be required for a...

Business Certificate and Diploma Programs

Find out about diploma and certification programs available for aspiring business professionals. Learn what courses are commonly available as well as advanced education options.

Business Majors: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue with a degree in business. Read on to learn more about career options along with degree programs and salary information.

Business Spanish Certificate

Effective communications are important in business situations, and Spanish is a key language in the global business community. Completing a business Spanish certificate may help close the communication gap between your native language and...

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Completing a Six Sigma Black Belt program could allow you to help a company improve production and eliminate most of the defects in their products. Get information about the options available.

Distance Learning Business Courses

Business classes are available via distance learning as part of an undergraduate degree, graduate degree or certificate program. Continue reading to learn more about what types of courses are offered online under the business umbrella.

Doctor of Business Administration: Career and Salary Facts

Research what it takes to become a Doctor of Business Administration. Learn about job duties, education requirements, employment outlook and wages to find out if this is the career for you.

Graduate Schools for Business Students

Discover tips for choosing a graduate business school. Learn about business programs and how a master's or doctoral degree can help your career prospects. Check the prerequisites for enrolling in a graduate business program.

How Can I Verify that an Online Business Degree is Accredited?

When picking an online business degree, it's important to look for programs that are accredited. Accreditation means that the program meets certain standards and that employers and other institutions recognize the degree as fulfilling any...

Music Merchandising Degree Programs

Find out what courses you'll take in an undergraduate degree program in music merchandising. Learn about the skills you need to succeed in the music merchandising business.

Online Business Administration Degrees

Find out about business administration degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and learn about options for online study. See what courses are required, and get job growth and salary projections for various careers you can pursue with a...

Online Business Administration Undergraduate Degree Programs

An undergraduate degree in business administration can prepare you for many careers, and a large number of colleges offer online degree programs. Find out what classes are required, see options for specialization, and learn about job prospects...

Online Business Associate Degrees

You can earn an associate's degree in business administration or business management entirely online. Find out about these degrees and how the online programs work. Also learn what courses are offered and the salary expectations for several...

Online Business Certificates

Online business certificates can help business professionals advance their careers and are offered in a number of specialization areas. Find out what you can study, the prerequisites for enrolling in an online business certificate program, how...

Online Business Degree Programs

Many different types of business degrees are available through distance education, including programs from the associate's through master's levels. Explore these programs and the coursework for each. Check the prerequisites for these programs and...

Online Business Schools

See what kind of online degree programs are offered through business schools. Learn how to choose a school, what areas of concentration you could pursue and what subjects you'll study as part of the curriculum at the associate's, bachelor's and...

Online Business Undergraduate Degree Programs

A business undergraduate degree can be a good starting point for work in a variety of fields, including banking, retail management and insurance, and you can also learn the skills necessary to start your own business. Learn about online options....

Online Freight Broker Schools

While you might not need a college degree to work in freight transportation, you could still benefit from online freight broker training. See how to choose a school that can train you for a career coordinating logistics and transportation with...

Online Loan Processing Courses

Find out what you could study in an online loan processing course, which you may find offered as a stand-alone course or as part of an associate's degree or certificate program. Discover how online courses work.

Online Medical Business Degree Programs

Find online degree programs that offer business training and health courses to help prepare you for a career in health care management. Learn what classes are required in undergraduate and graduate programs, and get projections on job growth and...

Online Mortgage Agent Courses and Training Programs

It's possible to become a mortgage agent with only a limited education, and many mortgage programs can be completed entirely online. Keep reading for school and program information. See more about online learning, and get professional licensing...

Online Mortgage Underwriting Courses

Mortgage underwriters determine if a person is qualified to purchase or refinance a residential or commercial property by analyzing the borrower's financial situation. Online classes are available to help you begin a career as a mortgage...

Online OSHA Compliance Training Courses

Many businesses and private contractors benefit from knowing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) regulations. An online OSHA compliance training course could provide you with the necessary knowledge of safety regulations.

Part-Time Doctoral Programs in Business

Doctoral programs in business can prepare you for a leadership position within the global business community or to teach at a post-secondary institution. Read on to learn about part-time study options, the curriculum for each, and other degree...

Top Business PhD Programs

Read about three of the top business schools with Ph.D. programs in the US, and check the national ranking info for each school. Explore the types of business doctorate programs that these schools offer. Get general info about choosing a good...

Top Business Schools with Bachelors Programs

Explore three schools with top business bachelor's degree programs, selected based on their national rankings and undergraduate business program rankings. Review the bachelor's degree programs you could pursue at each school. Find out how to...

Top Online Business Schools

Get info on choosing a school with an online business program. Read about three schools in this field that were selected based on their national rankings. Review the online business degree programs offered by each school.

What Are Some Well-Known Online Business Schools?

An undergraduate or graduate degree program in business can prepare you for a career in almost any field. Through an online business school, you can pursue your degree at a time and in a manner that's convenient for you. Keep reading to learn...

What are the Best Business Schools?

Choosing a business school can be a difficult decision. If you're still looking for a business school that fits your career goals, keep reading to see what makes a good business school, and learn about some of the top schools in the field.

What Are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Music Manager?

A music manager job description not only includes tasks associated with the business side of music but also the mentor side, as managers help musicians navigate their careers. Keep reading to explore music manager duties and more.

What are the Top Tier Business Colleges in the U.S.?

Programs at top tier business colleges can give you the practical knowledge you need to solve complex business problems and advance your career. Learn what to expect from a top-ranking business college, and find out about some of the best schools...

What Can You Earn with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration?

Programs in business administration offer a diverse choice of career options. Be it accounting, economics, management, marketing, human resources or other areas of study, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program could prepare you to...

What Degree Programs Are Beneficial for Business Owners?

Learn more about typical degree programs that are available for business owners. Find out about the educational requirements, specializations, and accessibility for some particular degrees.

What Does a Business Systems Analyst Do?

If you love computers and problem solving, a career as a business or computer systems analyst could be right for you. Education and experience are essential to obtaining a job in this field. Read on to learn more about the job of a business...

What Is the Curriculum of an Executive Master's in Business (MBA) Degree?

Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) programs are designed for working executives. Classes typically are held just once or twice per week, or even once or twice every other week, allowing students to generally maintain their work...

What is the Curriculum of an Executive Training Program?

Many schools offer several executive training and executive education programs. These are designed to enhance the business and leadership skills of business management and human resource professionals. Executive training programs can further your...

What Is the Curriculum of an Online Bachelor's Degree in Business?

An online bachelor's degree program in business can lead to many different careers as an entrepreneur, business manager, accountant or financial manager in various industries. Like in on-campus programs, the core curriculum of an online...

What Salary Can I Earn with a CIS Degree?

Some possible careers with a CIS degree include information systems manager, database administrator and computer support specialist. Read on to find out how much you could earn in each of these career options.

What's an Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree?

An Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree is oriented towards mid- and senior-level management. The degree stresses skills in decision-making, team building and leadership, and it generally takes 15 months to two years to...

Where Can I Find Free Online Business Administration Courses?

The University of Massachusetts and Open University offer courses in business administration online for free. Students will be able to learn about business plans and what it's like to do business in various cultures, among other things.

Where Can I Find Free Online Business Courses?

The University of California, Irvine, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offer free online business courses for interested students. Courses will cover the financial aspects of running a business, in addition to its technological factors.

Which Schools Offer an Online Executive Master's Degree in Business Administration?

Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) degrees are designed for students whose time is limited for attending classes. An online program is very efficient because it's flexible and often customizable. Several schools offer EMBA...

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