Child Care Management FAQs

Bachelor's Degree Programs for Child Care Professionals

Potential child care workers may want to consider enrolling in bachelor's degree programs in fields like early childhood education or child development. These programs cover topics on childhood development and learning, and online options are...

Child Care Assistant: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you can pursue as a child care assistant. Read on to learn more about training requirements, job responsibilities and the employment outlook for this career path.

Child Care Majors: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in child care. Read on to learn more about career options along with salary and job outlook information.

Child Care Management Courses and Diplomas

Learn about the courses and education programs available in child care management. Explore the career options typically open to those who complete these programs, typical classes, admission requirements and potential earnings.

Child Care Management Degree Programs

A degree in child care management can prepare you for work in a child care center or for a job in a social service organization. Continue reading for information on child care management degree programs and the types of topics covered in these...

Child Life Specialist Certification and Training

Child life specialists help children and their families deal with the stresses of medical treatment. Majors and concentrations at the undergraduate level can prepare you for certification, and online options are available. Read on to learn about...

Child Life Specialist Degrees: Online Programs

Child life specialists work with children who have acute or chronic illnesses and their families. Online bachelor's or master's degree programs in child and family studies are available. These programs can lead to certification as a child life...

Child Life Specialist Graduate Programs

Child life specialists are advocates for children dealing with illness or facing long-term hospitalization. A master's degree can help you prepare for certification and provide valuable practical experiences in the field.

Child Welfare Caseworker: Career and Salary Facts

Research what it takes to become a child welfare caseworker. Learn about education requirements, job duties, median wages and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

Graduate Certificates in Child Care Management

Certificate programs in child care management are designed to equip you with the knowledge and training necessary to maintain a successful child care business. Training at the graduate certificate level will combine courses in child development,...

How Can I Become a Child Care Director?

Explore a career as a child care director. Read about education, training and certification requirements, salary and potential job growth to see if this is the right career choice for you.

How Do I Become a Certified Child Care Provider?

Find out what education and training you'll need to become a certified child care provider. Learn about the types of credentials and professional organizations that issue them, and see what the requirements are to earn these credentials.

How Do I Become a Director of a Daycare Center?

Research what it takes to become a director of a daycare center. Learn about education requirements, career outlook and salary to find out if this is the career for you.

Online Child Care Certification Programs

While nationally recognized certification in childcare is still unavailable online, some schools do offer online associate degree and certificate programs in childcare or early childhood education that can help you fulfill certification...

Online Child Care Courses and Schools

Learn about the types of childcare training available online and whether you will receive hands-on training. Find out the technical requirements for online programs and how to select a school that will work for your goals.

Online Child Care Degrees

Although online child care degree programs are rare, you may be able to earn a child care certificate through an online program. These programs cover development and learning in children and can help you start a career in a preschool or day care...

Online Childcare Management Degrees and Certificate Programs

A certificate or associate's degree program in childcare management could further your skills in administration and increase your knowledge of child development. Review the coursework in these childcare management programs, which are typically...

Online Master's Degrees in Child Care

While a master's degree program in child care is not easily found online, there are alternative programs that teach you to provide safe and professional child care. Read about online programs in early childhood education, family studies and child...

PhD Programs in Child Care Management

Although Ph.D.s in child care management aren't available, doctoral degree programs in child development will train you to work as a child care provider as well as building the administrative skills you'd need to manage your own facility. Learn...

What are the Requirements for Starting a Career in Child Care?

Requirements for starting a career in childcare include experience working with children (obtained possibly through volunteering), patience, enthusiasm and understanding. Other career requirements include the ability to pass background checks and...

What is the Average Salary of a Child Day Care Provider?

Are you interested in caring for and inspiring young children? The average salary for a child day care provider is lower than many other occupations, but the job can offer you the chance to set your own hours as a self-employed worker. Read on to...

What is the Salary of a Child Care Assistant?

Child care assistants are not paid well, earning an average annual salary of $21,710 in May 2014 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data). Read on to learn about how the salaries will vary by location and employer along with other factors.

What Topics are Covered in an Online Child Care Course?

In most cases, state laws require that child care workers complete annual training to obtain and maintain child care provider licenses. Online educational courses can be a convenient way for these workers to fulfill their preparatory obligations....

What Training is Required to Become a Child Care Professional?

Training for a child care professional varies from state to state. Read on to review the various education, licensure and certification requirements for child care work, and get info on advancement opportunities as well.

Where Can I Find Free Online Childcare Education?

The following free online childcare education courses are available from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The Open University. Course materials are available at any time.

Which Schools Offer a Child Care Master's Degree Online?

Many schools offer a master's degree in child care online. Learn more about the common courses and requirements. Find information about programs that offer a degree in child care.

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