Christian Studies and Theology FAQs

Associate's Degree in Youth Ministry

A youth ministry associate's degree program can teach you to facilitate spiritual development in children and young adults. Continue reading to find out the courses that will train you in program leadership and human development, as well as what...

Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry Studies

Find out if a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry Studies program is right for you. Continue reading for information about online and campus-based degree options, course topics, and career opportunities.

Bachelor of Divinity

Accredited Bachelor of Divinity programs are not common in the United States. More common are Bachelor of Theology programs. To learn about the differences between these options and to check what degree programs are available in divinity,...

Catholic Liberal Arts Colleges

Compare and contrast Catholic liberal arts colleges to other liberal arts colleges with different or no religious affiliations. Explore some of the subjects you could study at a Catholic liberal arts college. Find out whether you need to be...

Catholic Seminary Training

Learn how Catholic seminary training can help you meet your calling through focused study of philosophy and theology, prayer and service activities. Keep reading to learn about a Catholic seminary education, admission requirements and common...

Catholic Studies Degree and Courses

A degree program in Catholic studies can train you to analyze scripture and make moral decisions according to theological principles. Continue reading to find out what courses can train you in religious ethics or worship studies.

Chaplain: Salary and Career Facts

Research what it takes to become a chaplain. Learn about what kind of education and training is commonly required as well as common job duties and salary information to find out if this is the career for you.

Christian Counselor: Salary and Career Facts

Read how Christian counselors help people address their problems through guidance based on both Christian principles and psychology. Learn what training, licensing and certification you need to become a Christian counselor and what salary you...

Christian Graduate Schools

Compare and contrast Christian graduate schools to schools without a religious affiliation. Find out what programs of study you could pursue at a Christian graduate school. Review the typical admissions requirements for a graduate school...

Distance Learning Biblical Studies Degrees

Learn about the biblical studies degree programs available to aspiring clergy members, and get career outlook and salary data for this field. Find out tips for selecting the right program for you.

Doctor of Divinity

Learn about the Doctor of Divinity degree and other religious study doctorate programs. Explore coursework, areas of concentration, online education options and career opportunities.

Doctor of Ministry

A Doctor of Ministry program is the highest professional degree awarded to those in the ministry profession, and it can broaden your understanding about guiding others. Read on to learn more about how a Doctor of Ministry can help you lead your...

Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Theology

Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Theology programs teach students about the Bible and theological interpretations. Keep reading to find out more about the admissions requirements and online options. Also, check out common courses in these...

Doctor of Theology in Bible Studies

Explore Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) programs in Bible studies, and learn about concentration options for this degree. Check the prerequisites for enrolling in a Th.D. program, and review the coursework and dissertation requirements for a Bible...

Doctor of Theology in Religious Education

Learn about the program requirements for a doctorate degree in religious education. Explore education prerequisites, courses of study and research opportunities.

Doctorate Programs in Pastoral Counseling

Doctorate options in the pastoral counseling field include a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and a Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) in Pastoral Counseling. Read on to find out how these degree programs can teach you to help people cope with substance...

Hospital Chaplain: Salary and Career Facts

Explore the career requirements for hospital chaplains. Get the facts about educational requirements, certification, job duties, and salary to determine if this is the right career for you.

How Can I Become a Christian Minister?

Learn about the educational degrees that can lead to a career as a Christian minister along with information about ordination. Find out about the key skills and typical responsibilities that many ministers have.

How Can I Become a Pastor?

Explore the career requirements for pastors. Get the facts about education requirements, job duties, and wages to determine if this is the right career for you.

How Do I Become a Christian Counselor?

Learn how you as a Christian counselor can work as a licensed counseling professional who incorporates their faith and values. Read on to learn about certification and licensing requirements, education programs available and the estimated annual...

How Do I Become a Youth Minister?

Research what it takes to become a youth minister. Learn about education requirements, job duties, median wages and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

How Do I Earn a Minister's License?

Becoming a minister of a religious denomination takes time, study and devotion. However, there are simpler options if your intention is to become a licensed minister mainly to perform weddings or funeral services. Keep reading to find out how to...

Islamic Studies Degrees and Certificates: Online Programs

Find out about Islamic studies programs and the classes offered in them. Get information about degree level options as well as prerequisites and online availability.

Jobs with Catholic Charities: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue with Catholic charities. Read on to learn more about career options along with salary and licensure information.

Master of Arts in Religion

Find out if a Master of Arts in Religion program is right for you. Read about school and degree options, opportunities for online study and career possibilities here.

Master's Degrees in Divinity: Online and Campus-Based Programs

A master's degree program in divinity prepares you for a life of ministry. Through online and on-campus programs, you'll be able to focus on world religions, Bible studies, and ministry methods. Read more about the typical coursework in a...

Minister: Career and Salary Facts

Explore the career requirements for ministers. Get the facts about degree requirements, job outlook, salary and licensure to determine if this is the right career for you.

Ministry Classes

Ministry focuses on the promotion of the Christian faith through preaching and spiritual guidance. Courses in ministry are available to help you learn the methods and principles used to reach others. Read ahead to find out more about course...

Ministry Schools

Read about studying ministry as an undergraduate or graduate student, and review the certificates and degrees you could earn in this field. Check the prerequisites for enrolling in a ministry program. Explore the coursework for these programs,...

Online Bachelor's Degree Programs in Biblical Education

Learn about the education options for bachelor's degree programs in Biblical education that are offered online. Learn about admissions and requirements, common classes and career prospects.

Online Bible College Degree Programs

Through online Bible colleges or seminaries, you can study a number of areas, such as ministry, theology and youth counseling. Review several program options in detail, learn what you'd study, and explore possible career opportunities.

Online Christian Studies Degree Programs

Through an online Christian studies degree program, you'll study Christian theology and belief systems, explore the world through the lens of Christianity, and study ways to apply the teachings of the Bible to the world today. Keep reading to...

Online Degree and Training Programs for Aspiring Chaplains

Chaplains provide spiritual guidance to people in need, and several degree programs can prepare you for this work. Find out about your options along with commonly offered courses.

Online Degree Programs in Catholic Theology

Those looking to study Catholic theology may be interested in enrolling in an online bachelor's or master's degree program in theology. Learn about your online program options, prerequisites, potential topics of study and career options.

Online Episcopal Colleges

Learn about online colleges affiliated with the Episcopal faith, which are primarily graduate-level institutions. Review the prerequisites for enrollment to one of these colleges, and find out if you need to be a clergy member to apply. Read...

Online Master's Degree Programs in Pastoral Counseling

With a master's degree in pastoral counseling, you'll learn to minister to others while promoting mental health. Read on to explore online program options, common classes, online study and licensing information.

Online Masters of Theology

A master's degree program in theology can prepare you for teaching religion or working in a ministry role in your community. Offered through a flexible Internet program, you'll study the nuances of Biblical scriptures, learn the history of other...

Online Ministry Certificates and Degree Programs

Learn about certificate and degree options for aspiring ministers and find out about the classes usually offered in these programs. Get tips about online study and considerations when choosing a program.

Online Ministry Schools

Explore some of the degree programs you could pursue through an online ministry school, including the full range of programs from associate's degrees through Doctor of Ministry programs. Learn about the unique characteristics of ministry schools,...

Online Pastoral Degree Programs

Different degree levels can be found online to suit your career goals as a pastor. Read this article to find out more about your training options and the types of classes that these programs offer.

Online Seminaries for Christians

Read about the characteristics of Christian seminaries, and explore the types of online programs offered. Discover some specific seminaries with online programs at several levels.

Online Seminary Schools and Degrees

Online theological seminaries offer you a range of options, from bachelor's degrees in religion to Doctor of Ministry programs. Learn how to choose an online school, what degree programs are offered and what topics may be included in your program.

Online Theology Degrees

An online theology degree program can teach you about religious faith and practice in depth. Keep reading to find out what theology degrees are available online, learn about common program requirements, and discover career prospects.

Online Theology Schools

Learn what you should consider when finding and selecting an online school for your theology studies, such as a school's accreditation status and whether it admits laypersons as well as clergy members. Explore some of the fields of study offered...

Online World Religions Courses

Online world religion courses, available individually or as part of a degree program, can provide you with the opportunity to study a variety of major faiths. Continue reading to learn more about course benefits and online formats.

Online Youth Ministry Studies Degree Programs

Check out what kind of youth ministries programs you can find online. Learn about course requirements and career options, as well as how you can earn this degree.

Pastoral Counseling Degree Programs

A pastoral counseling degree program can train you to preach messages from the Bible and provide religious guidance. Continue reading to find out what courses can train you in pastoral administration and spiritual development.

Pastoral Counselor: Career and Salary Facts

Research what it takes to become a pastoral counselor. Learn about job responsibilities, education and licensing requirements, and salary information to find out if this is the career for you.

PhD in Religion: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Read about Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in religion programs, including those that are offered on campus and online. Find information on program requirements and courses, as well as career options and salaries for graduates.

PhD in Theology: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Through a doctoral degree program in theology, you'll study religion's place in the global community and prepare for a teaching or research career. Although you'll be hard-pressed to find these theology degree programs online, several on-campus...

Religion Degrees: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Find answers to your questions about religious degree programs, including those offered on-campus or online. Learn about levels of study and course topics, as well as career options and salaries for graduates.

Religious Studies Certificate and Associate's Degree Programs

A religious studies certificate or associate's degree program can provide training in understanding religious texts, deciphering scripture passages and applying religious teachings to the difficulties of everyday life. Continue reading to find...

Religious Studies Majors

Through a religious studies major, you can learn about various religions and belief systems, studying their origins and how they shape the lives of the people who practice them. Keep reading for typical program requirements, online program...

Religious Studies Master's Degrees

Consider your advanced degree options in religious studies including specializations. Find out about prerequisites for enrolling in a master's program, and explore options for completing the degree online.

Schools with Youth Ministry Degree Programs

Explore your options for studying youth ministry at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Find out what you'd learn in these degree and certificate programs, and explore some of the typical course topics. Get career and salary info for youth...

Theology Schools and Programs

A theology degree program could help you increase your knowledge about the tenets of your faith, lead a congregation, provide spiritual guidance or minister to those in need. Learn about where you can find these programs and admission requirements.

Top Graduate Schools with Religion Programs

Learn what top-rated graduate schools with religion programs offer to their students. Find out about some of the best schools in the country, and see what graduate programs they offer.

Top Schools for Theological Studies Master's Degree Programs

Many top-ranked universities offer master's degrees in theology and religious studies. The University of Chicago, Vanderbilt University and the University of Notre Dame all offer programs equivalent to theological studies. Continue reading to...

Top Theology Graduate Schools

Explore the typical characteristics of a school with a strong graduate program in theology. Read about three schools with theology programs, and review the degrees in this field that you could pursue at each school.

What are Popular Careers in Theology?

Learn about theology and the types of careers available within the field. View the education requirements, job descriptions and salaries for clergy members, theology teachers, and religious writers.

What are Some Well-Known Christian Colleges in the U.S.?

If you want to earn a college degree with a Christian perspective, you can find well-known Christian colleges throughout the U.S. Read on to find details about some notable institutions.

What are Some Well-Known Divinity Schools in the U.S.?

If you are interested in working within the ministry or becoming a scholar of theology, earning a graduate degree from a research-oriented divinity school can be an intellectually enriching experience. Learn about some of the best-known schools...

What are Some Well-Known Schools for Chaplains?

Many well-known U.S. schools offer degree and certificate programs for chaplains. From Ivy League schools like Harvard University to Jesuit institutions such as Loyola University Chicago, students can find programs that suit their religious...

What are the Core Courses of a Bachelor's Degree in Religion?

Students who would like to study religion or theology may wish to consider a bachelor's degree program in the field. Read below for details regarding the core courses of a bachelor's degree in religion.

What Are the Courses in a Bachelor's Degree in Theological Studies?

A bachelor's degree program in theological studies touches on a broad range of religions and faith topics. Read on to find out more about theological studies degree programs.

What Are the Courses in an Associate's Degree in Religious Studies?

An associate's degree in religious studies typically focuses on various aspects of Christianity, but some programs also take a broad look at Eastern and other religions. Read on to learn more.

What Are the Courses in an Online Master's of Divinity Degree Program?

While the course offerings might vary from school to school, the core courses in an online Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree program generally cover the same subjects. Read on to find out what you'll study in these classes.

What Are the Duties of a Church Pastor?

Research what it takes to become a church pastor. Learn about qualifications, career outlook and potential salary to find out if this is the career for you.

What are the Job Duties for Ministers?

Learn about the various job duties of ministers. Get information on the education needed to enter this career field and explore job outlook and salary information for clergy members.

What are the Job Duties of a Pastor?

While pastors are the leaders of a church, they have many other duties aside from giving sermons. Read on to learn more about the job responsibilities and skills needed to become a pastor.

What Are the Requirements for a Doctor of Ministry Studies Degree?

Ordained pastors or ministers can advance their education in spiritual direction and guidance by completing a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program. Read on to learn more about this degree's requirements and available ministry specialties.

What are the Requirements to Become a Wedding Officiant?

Wedding officiants bind the contract between individuals within a wedding ceremony. Read on to learn more about who can become a wedding officiant and how.

What are Typical Clergy Jobs?

Clergy jobs can be found in both secular and faith-based environments. Some clergy members lead congregations, but jobs in education and the military are also typical choices. Find out more about clergy careers, salary and degree requirements below.

What Can I Do with a Divinity Degree?

If you are interested in working with people within a Christian or other faith-based context, obtaining a divinity or theology degree can be a path toward this type of work. Degree programs are available at both the baccalaureate and graduate...

What Can I Do with a Doctorate of Theology?

Students with a doctorate in theology are academic experts who have published and contributed information about religious topics and organized religions, like Catholicism or Judaism. A doctorate can prepare graduates for several types of...

What Can I Do with a Theology Degree?

Theology studies can be applied to a myriad of professions found in a church, social organization or school. Read on to find out more about these career opportunities.

What Does a Chaplain Do?

Chaplains lead nondenominational religious services and provide spiritual support to those who are unable to attend organized religious services. A chaplain may work in a hospital, prison, or university, or serve as part of the military. Although...

What is the Average Salary of a Chaplain?

Chaplains work in a variety of fields performing religious services and giving spiritual support to those in need. A chaplain's salary is based on a number of factors, including his or her employer, experience, education and location. Read on to...

What is the Curriculum of a Christian Studies Degree Program?

Degree programs in Christian studies cover a wide range of theological matters and are available at several colleges and universities, including religion-affiliated private institutions. Read on to get a closer look at the types of courses common...

What is Theology?

Theology involves thorough study of one or more religions. Read on to find out more about what theology is, how you can gain an education in theology and what the common topics of study are in degree programs.

What Jobs Does a Religious Studies Major Prepare Me For?

Many students majoring in religious studies prepare themselves for jobs in religious vocations, although other options are also available. Graduates with a bachelor's degree can begin to pursue clergy, teaching and community outreach positions....

What Training is Required for a Career in Pastoral Counseling?

The practice of pastoral counseling has evolved from religious counseling to spiritual psychotherapy, integrating theology with the behavioral sciences. Learn more about training requirements and program options below.

What Training is Required to Become a Chaplain?

Chaplains can be found in many environments, including hospitals and military bases. The training and education to become a chaplain varies based on the particular field you want to work in.

What Will I Learn in Ministry Studies Courses?

Ministry studies courses teach students the foundations of theology, and they also give students the practical skills necessary to teach their beliefs to others and lead their congregations. Ministry studies courses are included in degree...

What's the Curriculum of a Master of Arts Degree in Religion?

Advanced degrees in religion discuss the belief systems and the issues associated with many of the world's religions. Read below to find out more about the possible course curriculum of a Master of Arts degree in religion.

What's the Curriculum of an Online Christian Education Master's Degree?

There are several online Christian education master's degree programs to choose from. The curriculum for a graduate degree in this field includes courses in biblical studies, the arts of ministry and Christian history.

Where Can I Earn a Ministry Degree Through Distance Learning?

Find out what types of ministry degrees are available online and which schools offer them. Here you can find details about the curriculum and program requirements including credit hour.

Where Can I Earn a Seminary Degree Through Distance Learning?

Students in a distance-learning seminary program are given opportunities to become ministers, missionaries and church teachers. They learn to explain and summarize the Bible, defend theological positions, and develop leadership and communication...

Where Can I Find Free Online Religious Studies Courses?

You can find free online religious studies courses through several accredited colleges and universities, including the University of California - Irvine and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Keep reading to find out what materials you might...

Where Can I Find Free Online Theology Courses?

A number of postsecondary schools offer free online theology courses. Keep reading to find out where these courses are offered and what you could learn through these courses.

Where Can I Find Online Religion Courses?

Several institutions offer online religion courses both for students seeking degrees and for those just interested in continuing education. They allow students the opportunity for personal enrichment or for meeting career requirements in this field.

Which Christian Universities Have Distance Learning Degree Programs?

Are you looking to study in an environment of Christian leadership and service? Do you want to arrange your studies with the flexibility of a distance learning degree program? If so, read on to discover some of the Christian schools that are...

Which Jobs Will an Associate Degree in Divinity Studies Prepare Me For?

Get information about career options with an associate degree in divinity studies. Learn about common courses, programs to enhance your experience, and continuing education to see if this is the right field for you.

Which Schools Offer Christian Philosophy Degrees via Distance Learning?

Christian philosophy distance learning programs are scarce. For students interested in increasing their knowledge of Christian philosophy, Christian colleges or seminaries that offer online or on-campus degree programs in philosophy of religion,...

Which Schools Offer Online Courses in Theology?

Degree programs in theology focus on numerous religions, especially Christian religions, and various aspects of them, preparing students for a wide range of religious vocations. Continue reading to explore their course offerings.

Which Schools Offer Online Degrees in Youth Ministry?

An online degree in youth ministries or youth ministry leadership can train you to help today's youth develop their religious education. Read on to explore a few schools that offer online youth ministry programs.

Which Universities Offer a Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies?

Universities offering a Doctor of Philosophy in Religion typically require students to concentrate in a specific theological area. Most religious studies Ph.D. programs consist of 6-7 years of coursework and research and require students to...

Which Well-Known Schools Offer Graduate Programs in Religion?

Graduate degree programs in religion are available at hundreds of colleges and universities across the nation. Those who complete advanced degrees programs in areas like religious studies and theology often seek careers in teaching, research or...

World Religions Courses

Read about courses in world religions, including Eastern, Western, and Native American faiths. Find out where you can take classes, what topics they may cover, and how they can prepare you for future studies in a variety of areas.

Youth Ministry Degree Programs

A youth ministry degree program can train you to convey biblical messages as they pertain to the youth. Continue reading to find out what programs can develop skills in program planning, modern theological methods and family development. Explore...

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