Construction Management FAQs

Bachelor's Degree in Construction Technology

Although experience alone may suffice for career advancement in some construction jobs, you can expand your employability by earning a bachelor's degree in construction technology. Get more info about the benefits of earning this degree, the...

Bachelor's Degree Programs in Construction Management

Construction management bachelor programs teach building trade skills and project management methods. Learn about degree prerequisites, undergraduate coursework and salary info for related construction careers.

Construction Management Graduate Schools and Programs

Construction managers juggle a variety of sub-projects while ensuring overall staffing needs are met and the financial budget is on track. Learn about graduate programs and the schools that offer on-site and distance learning options. Read ahead...

Construction Management Majors

Explore the career requirements for construction managers. Get the facts about education, employment outlook and average salaries to determine if this is the right career for you.

General Contractor: Online Schools and Courses

As a general contractor, you'll coordinate residential and commercial construction projects. You'll usually subcontract out certain portions of the work to specialty contractors. Construction courses are available online, so read on for further...

Majors for Aspiring Grading Contractors

Grading contractors work with different types of construction equipment to complete construction projects and solve job site-related problems. Get information about job-related training and career options.

Master's Degree in Construction Management

A master's degree program in construction management is designed for construction professionals who would like to further their education and increase their skills. As a working professional, you may be able to earn your degree online or through...

Master's Degree Programs in Government Contracting

Learn about master's degree options and concentrations that could lead to a public service career. Get information about topics and skills taught in these programs along with career paths.

Online Building Construction Degree Programs

Earning an online bachelor's or master's degree in building construction could lead to middle or upper-management positions with construction companies. Get information about program options and requirements.

Online Construction Engineering Degree Programs

At the graduate level, you can find online master's degree programs in construction engineering. If you're an undergraduate student, however, you can earn an online associate's or bachelor's degree in a related area like civil engineering or...

Online Construction Management Associate Degree Programs

Read below to discover your options for completing an online associate's degree in construction management. Find out how earning an associate's degree in construction management could lead to employment in the field. Learn about classes offered...

Online Degree Programs for Aspiring Contractors

Learn how to become a building contractor online. Keep reading to discover program options and common requirements and see what courses you'll take. Explore how online degree programs are run.

Online Schools with Construction Management Degree Programs

Learn what degree levels construction management programs are offered at. Learn what to expect from your degree program, what experience and technical requirements you'll need to have and how to choose a school.

PhD in Construction Management

Learn about Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Construction Management programs and related degrees. Explore online learning options and program prerequisites as well as what you'll learn.

What are Some Typical Construction Management Classes?

Read on to explore typical construction management curricula at the associate's, bachelor's, and master's levels. Learn all about common courses, online availability, and program focuses.

What Are the Courses in a Bachelor's Degree in Construction Management?

Students who are seeking 4-year undergraduate degrees in construction management must complete classes in engineering, construction science, and business. The core courses are likely to cover design, structural building, and safety. Read on to...

What Career Options are Within the Construction Management Field?

Those who are considering a future in the construction management field could have a number of career choices. These industry professionals may work in areas that include program management and project engineering. Read on for more information...

What is Construction Management?

Construction managers, also called general contractors, are responsible for planning, budgeting and supervising construction projects. These professionals generally need a bachelor's degree and related work experience, and the employment outlook...

What is the Curriculum of a Construction Management Degree?

Associate's and bachelor's degree programs in construction management tend to include a mix of general education and core courses, while master's programs may focus more on the business and technical aspects of the field. Discover some of the...

What Will I Learn in Construction Management Courses?

Students who are enrolled in construction management degree programs may develop technical skills in areas such as electrical systems design and construction methods and materials. They could also learn the processes for preparing and submitting...

Where Can I Find Construction Project Management Courses Online?

Experienced construction managers can take construction project management courses online, and there are flexible certificate programs and individual courses available in this field. Read on to learn more about three web-based certificate...

Which High Paying Jobs Are in the Construction Management Field?

If you are looking for some high-paying jobs in the field of construction management, you won't have to look far. With excellent job prospects and strong self-employment potential, construction managers rank among the most highly paid employees...

Which Schools Offer a Degree in Construction Management?

The demand for construction industry management professionals is growing, and more and more employers are seeking candidates who hold college degrees. This trend has generated an increased interest in construction management degree programs and...

Which Well-Known Schools Offer Degrees in Construction Management?

Though not always required, a college degree is highly recommended for aspiring construction managers. Michigan State University, Colorado State University and Purdue University are three well-known schools that offer degrees in construction...

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